Saturday, August 22, 2015

Out Now: 14 DAYS TO SUBMISSION by David Jewell

David Jewell is truly a star amount fans of BDSM erotica, and with this - his new book - he demonstrates his tremendous skill!  Pick up 14 DAYS TO SUBMISSION and you will not be disappointed!

When Liz Shoppe’s husband Sam left on business for two weeks, she took advantage of the opportunity to satisfy her years-long curiosity about bdsm. She agreed to pay a Master Shaun a daily tribute to train her for the next fourteen days.

Even years of fantasizing had not prepared her for the intensity of, nor the demands involved in, her journey into the world of submission. She was tempted to stop after a few days. But something awakening deep inside of her told her to keep going.

Soon, she found herself doing and experiencing things that were not even in her wildest fantasies.

As an attorney, Liz was accustomed to being in charge and making decisions. As a result, she chafed at Master Shaun's increasing domination in every aspect of her life. But with his guidance, she realized that she had a deep need to submit, to relinquish her autonomy and to simply serve him and all of his needs. As a result, her journey of submission evolved. She found joy in her torments, in a bondage of body and mind, in the exploration of the sexual and personal happiness that her submission inspired. Paradoxically, Master Shaun had given Liz her first breath of freedom.

She was amazed. She was puzzled. She was excited. As he continued to push her to her limits, she discovered that the world of bdsm was more complicated, more demanding and far more fulfilling than she had imagined.

Then the unthinkable happened, taking Liz completely by surprise. Six months after her training, she made a decision that would change her life forever—but despite all the upheaval it would cause, she knew she was on the right path.

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