Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Great Review of Jim Lyon's VIRTUAL REALITY MISTRESS!

Check out this rave review of Jim Lyon's wonderful new BDSM erotica novel, VIRTUAL REALITY MISTRESS!

La Crimson Femme, BookAddict

4 of 5 stars

Fantasizing taken to a virtual reality world is the best BDSM SSC option I've seen. This is a 4.5 star book and definitely enjoyable from beginning to end. Mr. Lyon pens a smooth and increasingly erotic book. Jody is a male who explores his submission through a device I wish existed. If this existed for real, Amazon would never be able to keep it in stock. And, I'm thinking there would be less people going out because the virtual reality submission is fabulous. Each session increases in length and intensity. By the end, Jody's fantasies culminate in a taboo darkness which mirrors my own experiences in increasing desires.

This is a well written piece which is also spank bank worthy. Each session's intensity makes my panties wetter and wetter. This is my favorite book by Mr. Lyon to date. Maybe there will be a return to this world. What I like most is that the BDSM scenes aren't repetitive. They are increasing in depravity and taboo. They build upon the one before. Masterfully done and deliciously erotic. Highly recommended to femdom lovers.

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