Tuesday, April 28, 2015


It's no surprise that Powerone is our bestselling author of BDSM erotica: he's that good! Check out
his new book, BLACK KNIGHTS, DARK DUNGEON, and be blown away!

An eye-opening novel of the Dark Ages and the men who dominated them!

The Normans invaded the Irish towns and seized them. Some fought back; Lord Harkin was one. He attacked the English villages, but the Normans under the rule of Lord William retaliated, taking Lord Harkin’s beloved wife Caitlin as prisoner. The Normans weren’t gentlemen—and the men and women they conquered learned that the hard way.

Outnumbered, Lord Harkin was unable to mount a direct attack, but he used his cunning, taking the Lord William’s wife as his prisoner. Could Lord Harkin take his revenge against her for what Lord William had done to his own wife? Would they trade captive wives or would they betray each other? Could Caitlin and her handmaidens survive their conquerors?

Powerone brings to life 13th century knights, castles, dungeons, and sexual practices as only he can, with vivid—and sometimes shocking—detail.

Rating: Intense bondage.

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