Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Out Now: BACHELOR MACHINE - SciFi Erotica by M.Christian

Here it is, back in print: the legendary collection of erotic science fiction that rocked the world!  With BACHELOR MACHINE M.Christian showed that you can put erotica and science fiction together and make them very special ... and very hot!

Smart, taboo-breaking SF!" —Locus 
Here are riveting, seductive tales of technology and desire, arousal and innovation ... told in an engaging and evocative style guaranteed to amaze. Down-and-out hustlers, enhanced sex workers, enigmatic aliens, bleeding-edge erotic technologies, and more—Bachelor Machine is a unique vision of the future, while celebrating humanity's oldest pleasure ... sex! 
"There are only two people in the world I envy. One is the late Roger Zelazny, whose talent for an almost jazz improvisational way of writing I could never match. The other is M. Christian, for writing exactly what I’d write if only I could get off my ass. Which is to say, raunchy hallucinatory sexfuture dreams that never fail to arouse me and kick me in the gut at the same time." —Cecilia Tan 
Among the unforgettable stories included are:
Winged Memory
Everything but the Smell of Lilies
The New Motor
Thin Dog
—and more!

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