Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Here's the book that fans of the best-selling BDSM author Powerone, have been waiting for: a kinky masterpiece of domination and submission, BOUND BETWEEN BROTHERS by Powerone will rock your world and then some!

Monika meets a man. At first, he seems to be everything she wants—including a kind and gentle lover. She soon finds, however, that she wants much more than "kind and gentle".

Can this man read her mind? Monika walks into the bedroom one night to discover red ropes and a mask laid out for her on the bed. Initially hesitant, she succumbs to a night of unbridled passion that stirs something deep inside her. He uses her for his own pleasure, taking her when and how it suits him—and, far from being frightened or shocked, she finds intense sexual satisfaction in submission to a dominant man. How can the same man act so differently from one day to the next? How can he shift so quickly from kind and gentle to dominating and insatiable?

Then, she learns the truth, when the two identical brothers confront her with their deception. She’s in love with the first one, but she’s in lust with his brother—and she refuses to give up either of them. Her only choice is to be “Bound between Brothers.” Can she find happiness in a ménage à trois?

[Previously published in a shorter version as Opposites]

Plus a bonus surprise bondage story by Powerone at the end of this ebook.

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