Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Out Now: BANK JOB by Bonni Sansom

Bonni Sansom is one of the best erotic romance authors working today - and with BANK JOB is shows just how good she can be!

She Never Wanted to Be a Heroine—or to Fall in Love with a Man in a Suit!

Talk about having a bad day. Katherine ‘Kat’ Anderson goes to the bank to deposit her check and ends up in the middle of a bank robbery. Three armed men burst in, taking down the guard. Kat, being the stubborn woman she is, refuses to cower to them—she will fight them to the bitter end! Determined to go out on her own terms, she handles everything her way. She refuses to lie down on the floor; she refuses to obey them at all. To the robbers, she’s a pain in the ass—but to the manager, she’s sexy as hell. With her life turned upside down, she never intended to have sex with the manager locked in an office. Not really.

Jarrod Miller’s day started off bad, only to get worse. Customers and robbers are bad enough, but now he finds himself in the grip of a petite firecracker with spiky hair. He’s doing everything he can to ensure his customers and Kat get out alive, but she’s determined to get them killed. His attraction to her deepens with every second they are together, but is he man enough to take her as his own hostage? The Dom in him says yes—and so does the man.

After having mind-blowing sex and getting shot, Jarrod is ready to put this day behind him, but he can’t help wanting a certain little Kat to pet. Even as she runs from him, he knows they will be together again. Weeks go by and not a word. Jarrod tracks her down at the adult toy store where she works, and there they agree to a sex-only relationship, exploring her kinks and his dominant side. He wants more, but she resists. Through one sexy encounter after another, she finally breaks, giving in to his—and her own—desire for a fuller relationship, and giving him everything he ever wanted...

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