Saturday, November 8, 2014

New at Sizzler Editions: SUCH MASTERFUL MEN: The Best Kinky Erotica of Jay Lawrence

Such Masterful Men: The Best Kinky Erotica of Jay Lawrence
Here is an unforgettable, senses-shattering collection guaranteed to get you hot and bothered!

Jay Lawrence writes of this gripping book: "I didn't intend to become an erotica writer. In 2000—long before Fifty Shades and the boom in digital publishing—I wrote a novel called The Love Slave. A friend suggested I try submitting it to one of the newfangled fledgling eBook publishers (most of which are now long since gone). The name of the company escapes me but my book was turned down because it was "too erotic". They liked my writing and found the story interesting but it was just a bit too racy and edgy for their readers! I was actually quite surprised. "Too erotic?" I muttered, puzzled. "But it's artistic!" Anyway, I was given a tip that literally changed the course of my life. I was advised to try The Love Slave with another new digital publisher, Sizzler Editions. Apparently they didn't object to the "naughty bits"! And that opportunity opened up a lovely, if unexpected, career in writing erotica.

"Looking back, I was honored to take part in the pioneer days of the eBook industry. Some amazing things happened—like being in one of the first Amazon Top Ten eBook lists alongside Stephen King! Neither of us sold many copies at that time but it proved to be an experiment that was well worth trying. I ignored the "dot com bubble" naysayers and kept on writing eBook erotica. Of course, there were those who said the motor car would never catch on…

"This is a selection of my favorite short stories and novel excerpts. I tend to create strong but flawed male characters and my work is therefore placed in the "male dom" category. My masculine characters are usually in charge of the situation. Just as I didn't originally intend to write erotica, I also didn't really plan to create such masterful men! They just turned out that way and I'm glad they did. I hope you enjoy Such Masterful Men."


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