Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Tantalizing Tease: A Sample From UNEXPECTED PRESENT by Ryan Peterson

Here's a first chapter preview of Ryan Peterson's brand-new - and very hot - BDSM tome, UNEXPECTED PRESENT ... enjoy!



Paul saw Kate standing shivering by her car. Her red leather jacket looked nice, especially with her dark hair falling just below the collar, but it wouldn't keep her warm. He picked up his pace. "Hi, sweetie," he said as he got close to her.
"My husband, my hero!" she replied, her brown eyes lighting up when she saw him. When he reached her, she stepped up to him, molding her body to his in a tight embrace and kissing him enthusiastically.
He responded in kind. Kate's kisses were always special. Unfortunately they couldn't last forever, and he reluctantly pulled back. "Are you that happy to see me, or are you just trying to get warm?"
"Why can't it be both?" Kate asked, and slid a cold hand up under the back of his jacket. She laughed when he jumped in shock. "I really do appreciate you coming to rescue me," she said. She looked over at her car. "I feel like an idiot."
Paul smiled at her. "It's not the worst thing that could happen. Everyone locks their keys in the car sometimes." He pulled his keys out of his pocket and gave a slight bow as he opened the door. "Your chariot awaits."
"Thank you, kind sir," she replied in kind. Then she got more serious. "I'm sorry I had to call you away from work. And now that you're here I wish I could spend a little more time with you, but I'm already going to be late getting back to work."
"Why were you here anyway?" he asked. The street was full of small, independent shops. It looked kind of interesting, and it wasn't someplace they'd ever been before.
"I met a friend for an early lunch." Kate said. "She's doing some charity work here today, and she knew this great little restaurant. But I really have to go." She leaned forward to kiss him again. "I love you, and I'll try to reward my hero properly later tonight."
"I love you, too," Paul said, and waved as she got into the car. He looked at his watch. Fifteen minutes of his lunch hour were already gone, and it would take him another fifteen to get back to the office. He wouldn't have time to eat out, but he did have time to look around a little. He started walking, just to see what was here.
Paul entered the store feeling a little self-conscious. He didn't normally go into 'adult' stores, but it was here, and he was curious. Besides, he might be able to find a small, silly thing for Kate. He had already finished his Christmas shopping, but he was always on the look-out for little extras.
He found a card that he liked, and holiday panties that would make Kate laugh. He looked at his watch. Even with taking his lunch at his desk he would need to get back to work soon. He started to head to the check-out and glanced at a shelf. He stopped and looked closer, not sure he was really seeing what he thought he was.
He stared at the shelf in fascination. He had fantasized occasionally about being teased and left frustrated by a beautiful woman, but he had never realized that you could actually buy a male chastity device. He suddenly realized that he had been staring at it for several minutes, and that a female customer was looking at him.
"Who would buy something like that?" he asked self-consciously. The woman appeared to be in her early sixties, with trim white hair and a friendly smile. She was wearing a red coat with white trim and black riding boots, obviously dressed to resemble Mrs. Claus.
"Many couples enjoy it" she said. "Most people just use it for sex games. It can add a little spice to an evening, and it's very good for making sure the man doesn't have an accident. Ones like these," and she pointed to some of the wicked-looking metal ones, "are just meant for short term play. But others," and now she pointed to the clear plastic ones, "are light and comfortable enough for a man to wear it full time. The woman knows her partner will be faithful and that they will have sex when it's convenient for her."


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