Monday, August 25, 2014

Out Now: MALE CHASTITY: A Novel Of Muzzled Manhood by M. J. Rennie

There is simply no one better at writing steamy BDSM erotica than our one-and-only M. J. Rennie - and Male Chastity shows just how good he can be!

How does a modern woman keep a handsome, virile husband in deep submission? The answer for some wives is Enforced Male Chastity. M. J. Rennie's remarkable new novel of Feminine Domination reveals the discoveries of three contemporary couples who embrace the exalted highs, the deep, submissive lows, and the extreme ecstatic climaxes that Enforced Male Chastity produces.
When they learn about the recent advent of safe, secure Male Chastity devices, Elaine, Cissy, and Jennifer begin to keep their otherwise restless husbands in a permanent state of subjection. Because they are locked in these devices, each custom fit for the individual man, Jerome, Raymond, and Brad desperately do whatever is necessary to keep their devoted, dominant wives happy and sexually satisfied.

Will Male Chastity allow these three couples to achieve the most cherished intimacy, the most blissful happiness? Or will the Women, with their absolute power, take Male Chastity too far? In Male Chastity: A Novel of Muzzled Manhood, M. J. Rennie's eloquent storytelling supplies the exquisitely erotic answer.

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