Monday, August 25, 2014

Out Now: LURE OF THE DUNGEON by Powerone

Get ready for the ride of your kinky life: the one-and-only Powerone has a new book out - one that's going to send you on a wild trip.  Pick up Lure Of The Dungeon and hang on!

Intrepid anthropologist Jessica is working on her PhD. Her field of study is the infamous dungeons built in crueler eras than our own; she has always been fascinated by these dark, underground labyrinths where men and women were at the mercy of their captors' basest whims.

Jessica wants to analyze the dungeon's purpose in society. Now, as a PhD candidate, she has the opportunity to explore many of these notorious but historic sites firsthand. But the one thing Jessica has never explored is the meaning of her own fascination with dungeons. As the “Lure of the Dungeon” deepens her knowledge of what happened to those confined behind their walls, a desire to experience the helplessness these victims felt, and the uses they were put to begins to, stirs within Jessica.

Soon after she begins her field work, a strange encounter makes her wonder about the mysterious donor who supports her research. Is her donor interested in more than just her dissertation? What Jessica doesn't know is that all her questions are about to be answered. All her dreams are about to be fulfilled. For deep in a dungeon she is about to experience the most thrilling and terrifying encounters of her life, and learn more about herself than she has ever learned about anthropology.
Another masterpiece of intense bondage from the masterful and bestselling Powerone!

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