Friday, July 4, 2014


Check this out: a very cool review of R. Greco's DATING WHILE INTEXTICATED from the great folks at BDSM Reviews:

Story Rating: 4 out of 5 paddles

Sting Factor (kink): 3 out of 5

Dating While Intexticated: Sex in the Age of the Internet is a compilation of 36 blogs (all non-fiction). The author’s writing style flows well and is pleasant to read. The blogs themselves range from humorous to thought provoking to insightful with titles that range from It’s Cool, But Will The iPhone 5 Get You Any Nookie? to Yes, Virginia, Here’s Your Porn to Do Avatar’s Dream of Synthetic Dildos? There is bound to be something for anyone that reads it. The sting factor is medium because of the content. All of the articles reference sex in one manner or another. While they are not titillating, they are very interesting and thought provoking.

Overall, a very enjoyable and quick read. This book is recommended for anyone who wants to read something with some kink that will also get their brain cells moving.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Out Now: BAD BEHAVIOR by Laura Mills Cross

Here's a wonderful read for anyone who is a fan of the free love days of the '60's.  When you read Bad Behavior by Laura Mills Cross you will quite literally be transported!

Even back in the halcyon days of free love, infidelity could take its toll.

In June 1968, journalist Laura Cross embarks on a wildly erotic adventure that begins with her surrender to the villainous political powerbroker, James Carlyle, and doesn’t end until she’s won back the love of her dear Charlie, by way of the sexiest amends ever devised.

The passion in Bad Behavior is wild and graphic – or at least Laura’s whimsical version of graphic. There’s also a fair measure of drama, a few big surprises and lots and lots of fun.

Out Now: UNEXPECTED PRESENT by Ryan Peterson

Here's a treat for all you fans of romantic female dom BDSM erotica: a wonderful new book by Ryan Peterson.  If you like hotter-than-hot reading then Unexpected Present is the book for you!

A romantic femdom story, Unexpected Present begins on Christmas Eve when young married couple Paul and Kate realize they have a bit of a fascination with BDSM. While their vanilla relationship is a loving one, Kate needs something more from Paul: she needs to dominate him. Paul is not an active submissive, but he loves that Kate so often initiates sex—and he has, after all, had those fantasies of beautiful women teasing him while he lay helpless and unable to resist or reciprocate their advances.

They decide to exchange symbolic gifts over the Twelve Days of Christmas. This seems like a good idea at first: Kate can explore her desire to take control of Paul through a series of little presents; presumably Paul can do the same while he thinks about how he might please her. But Paul is a bit of a perfectionist, and his projects sometimes have a way of taking on a life of their own—and then, utterly backfiring. As he searches for the perfect present, Paul becomes so distracted that he forgets that he needs to find eleven more! He scrambles to put together twelve presents at the last moment, and as his gut instincts take over, he fatefully decides to give her a chastity cage he had bought on an impulse. That is her first gift; the keys to the lock will be the second.

These first two presents kindle a hope in Kate's mind, and as he unveils more presents, she interprets every one of them as a symbol of Paul's desire to submit to her. Because he loves her and doesn't want to disappoint her—and because he doesn't want to admit that the gifts were bought hastily and have no overriding theme—Paul does not correct her assumptions.

With each day, they go deeper. The chastity cage and keys lead, naturally, to teasing and denial. They move on quickly from there to spanking, bondage, discipline, financial control—and on New Year's Day, Paul agrees to become Kate's slave for a trial period.

As Kate becomes more dominant day by day, she and Paul find their feelings for each other growing stronger. Kate is deeply moved by the trust he shows in her, and being able to take such complete control of him only makes her love him more. Paul knows that she would understand if he told her he forgot their agreement, but he doesn't want to hurt her. He also finds the new, more dominant Kate sexier and more exciting. ...And by New Year's Day, he is disturbed by how naturally he submits to her. Is Kate's unexpected present going to vanish before the 12th day is over? Or will it last a lifetime?

"This book is awesome! If you like reading femdom stories I can't recommend this enough. It will push all your buttons. I so hope the author will continue the story in another book."Reader review

Out Now: DOCTOR’S ORDERS: A Novel of Voluntary Submission by Powerone

There is simply no one better at writing BDSM erotica than our own Powerone - and with this, his newest book, he proves just how good he can be.  Pick up Doctor's Orders and you will not be disappointed!

A miscommunication at college sends Priscilla, a 24-year-old graduate student, to Dr. Michael, a psychotherapist. The handsome doctor is interviewing for an office manager, but Priscilla thinks he's agreed to take her case pro bono.

Dr. Michael, a secret dom, sees something in Priscilla—something she is only dimly aware of. He offers to treat her for free if she will take the job as office manager. Priscilla decides she has nothing to lose. After all, Dr. Michael is a charming, good-looking man, and the position pays well.

But Priscilla knows those aren't the real the reasons she said "yes." Dr. Michael is also very demanding. He demands she submit to a very intimate examination at his hands—and she does. He demands she tell him her deepest, darkest sexual desires—and she does. And she wants him to master her and compel her to fulfill those desires in real life—but he doesn't. Priscilla doesn’t understand why.

Will she ever get to submit to Dr. Michael? Priscilla could stop everything that is happening at any time by not divulging her sexual secrets or taking the next step. But instead, she aches to be dominated by strong men who will not hesitate to take their pleasure from her submissive body. In the process, Priscilla learns to follow her Doctor’s Orders, especially when the prescription reads: "Submit!"