Friday, May 2, 2014

Out Now: A SOUTHERN MASTER: A Novel of Romantic Bondage

Here's a bit of wonderful news: but then a book by our resident master of BDSM erotica, Powerone, is always a cause for celebration.  And with A Southern Master, Powerone is at the top of his game - and more so!

Amid the high society of Charleston lie dark secrets hidden from most. Garrett is considered the city's most eligible bachelor and would be a catch for any woman with the proper breeding and background. When the Simonds sisters return from Europe, Baily catches Garrett’s eye and soon romance flourishes between them.

Savannah, the younger sister, lives in Baily's shadow but has always had her own crush on Garrett. Was it by chance that she forgot something and went home to the condo she shared with her sister, only to stumble upon Baily and Garrett making love?

It was that night that Baily and Garrett ceased to be a couple—and Savannah knew the true reason why.

Now Garrett is free to be seduced, and what Savannah lacks in experience she will make up for in enthusiasm. But will she have enough? For behind all Garrett’s proper upbringing lies a dark desire for bondage. Can Savannah capture Garrett’s heart and at the same time satisfy his jaded lust in the bedroom?

Garrett will prove surprised by Savannah’s willingness to please as he guides her on a journey to the center of his desires. ...But will they finish that journey as man and wife or Master and sub?

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