Friday, April 18, 2014

Out Now: BUCKING BRONCO & Other Sexy Shorts by Denise La Croix

A little something for everyone - no matter for erotic interest or inclination - this wonderful new book by Denise La Croix will tickle your fancy.  Pick up Bucking Bronco & Other Sexy Shorts and have a thrill!

Here's a great collection of dirty, sexy, humorous short stories by the well-known Dominatrix Supreme and famous erotic story writer, Denise LaCroix.

You will find an erotic novelette about the feminine side of a handsome, horny man and the masculine side of a beautiful woman; a short story of feminine dominance over a young man who, as an only child, was dominated by his mother and found his identity through a chance meeting; plus four more of the author's inimitable short stories.

And, as an added bonus, LaCroix has included ten very special tips aiming to teach you how to, as she says, "become a wizard or witch in bed and jazz up your sex life"!

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