Friday, April 11, 2014

Out Now: BREAKING THE RULES [Shell Game, vol. 2] by J.J. Rose

Hot, hot, hot, hot!  That's the only way to describe this well-written and oh-so-steamy new BDSM erotic masterpiece by J.J. Rose.  Breaking The Rules is a book that will stay with you for a long, long time!

Sarah wears Michael's collar. She submits to him, both in the bedroom and out. For five years, she's shared his life, and in Shell Game vol. 1Learning the Ropes, we saw just what that entails.
But even the most romantically engaging d/s life isn't all spankings and sex. Sometimes real life intrudes on the perfect fantasies, and now that Michael's twenty-year-old daughter Jaime has met someone new, Sarah's starting to get worried. Because Jaime's coming home later and later—or not at all—and Sarah knows Jaime's boyfriend isn't what he seems.
She knows the signs. She's faced the same situation. When it happened to her five years ago, Michael was there to rescue her.
To rescue Jaime, Sarah's going to have to start breaking the rules. Because no matter what punishment she earns, Jaime is family—and Sarah would do anything for her family.

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