Friday, April 18, 2014

Out Now: SEX SQUICKS & 100 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Sex by Amy Marsh, EdD DHS

Sizzler Editions is extremely pleased and proud to be able to announce a very special release by the noted clinical sexologist Dr. Amy Marsh: Sex Squicks & 100 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Sex.  This is a must-read for anyone who wants to know anything about sex and sexuality!

Here is a rich and fascinating potpourri of sexual facts and predilections most people don't know. Wow your friends, wow yourself, and wow your lovers with what you discover in the pages of this compendium of illuminating pieces from the personal notebooks of the acclaimed sexologist and relationship counselor Dr. Amy Marsh.

Of this very special book, the author says: "I'm in love with sexology and I'm in love with writing—and I expect these to remain lasting passions. During the period when I was writing this book, I was at my most smitten and high-spirited. No one told me what to write about, so writing it was pure pleasure. I could address any topic at all, as long as it had something to do with sexuality or gender. Some chapters emerged from my clinical interests, others from sexological "field trips," current events, escapades, personal crusades, or the desire to seduce, dazzle, startle, or inform. I liked switching from serious topics to humor, from eccentricity to advocacy. I enjoyed being unpredictable. I can't really explain it, but writing these chapters made me feel both gleeful and desirable. I never had a problem coming up with new ideas, never felt the dread of an empty page."

Chapters include:
The Brisk Trade in Panties
Sex Squicks
Toxins Ate My Sex Life
The Semen Survey
Intimate Edibles
Everything I Needed to Know About Sex I Learned from Science Fiction
and many others!

What are you waiting for? Buy Sex Squicks and it'll blow your mind—and enhance your sex life.

Out Now: BUCKING BRONCO & Other Sexy Shorts by Denise La Croix

A little something for everyone - no matter for erotic interest or inclination - this wonderful new book by Denise La Croix will tickle your fancy.  Pick up Bucking Bronco & Other Sexy Shorts and have a thrill!

Here's a great collection of dirty, sexy, humorous short stories by the well-known Dominatrix Supreme and famous erotic story writer, Denise LaCroix.

You will find an erotic novelette about the feminine side of a handsome, horny man and the masculine side of a beautiful woman; a short story of feminine dominance over a young man who, as an only child, was dominated by his mother and found his identity through a chance meeting; plus four more of the author's inimitable short stories.

And, as an added bonus, LaCroix has included ten very special tips aiming to teach you how to, as she says, "become a wizard or witch in bed and jazz up your sex life"!

Out Now: HOT SUMMER NIGHTS by Clarice Clique

Clarice Clique is an exceptional erotica writer that with this, new fantastic new read, Clarice demonstrates a skill few can match!  Pick up Hot Summer Nights for an erotic adventure like no other!

Vanessa's sexual adventures were just beginning...
Vanessa is an attractive, intelligent woman who considers herself perfectly ordinary apart from one thing: her boyfriend, Steve, has been her only sexual partner. Though her mind is filled with wild and passionate fantasies, Vanessa assumes they belong only to her imagination—surely such things don't happen in real life?
Unfortunately for at least one of them, Steve and Vanessa decide they need a break from each other—during which Vanessa succumbs to a night of fun with one of her housemates. She turns to Penelope, an old friend, for advice afterward.
Penelope, however, is a rich and successful businesswoman for a reason, and any advice she gives comes at a price. It is ten days until Vanessa’s birthday and Penelope commits to transform Vanessa’s life in that time on the condition that Vanessa submits entirely to Penelope’s rule. Vanessa agrees. Immediately she becomes immersed in a world of fantasy and desire. She’s surrounded by stunning, sexually open people...but it is Penelope’s silent chauffeur that makes her body ache and yearn the most.
At the end of the ten days, Vanessa is a changed woman. Under Penelope’s control she has seduced a stranger, been spanked and tied up, tutored in the arts of giving pleasure and taught how to receive pleasure in new and unexpected ways. She has been the centre of an orgy at one party and a respected Mistress with a slave at another party. On her birthday, Penelope permits her to have sex with the chauffeur. He is everything Vanessa imagined he would be, but—and it isn’t a heartbreaking ‘but’—she realises he is never going to belong to her.
Vanessa returns to Steve with plans for an entirely new kind of relationship—one where she can have the man she loves and still experience the world Penelope has opened up for her. On her thirtieth birthday, Vanessa doesn’t think life can get any better. Except she knows it will; she has accepted Penelope’s invitation to continue living with her. Vanessa’s sexual adventures have just begun.

Out Now: STOP, THIEF! [A Bette Bricker Adventure] by Bo Bleu

Action, adventure, and lesbian sex ... this new novel by the erotica master, Bo Bleu, has it all!  Stop, Thief [A Bette Bricker Adventure] is a rollicking read and then some!

When lesbians are in peril, call Bette Bricker to the rescue!
Not realizing what they are getting into, Bette Bricker and her partner, Soline, take what appears to be the simple assignment of delivering a unique motor prototype on their schooner, Shanghai Joe. But it soon becomes evident that completing the assignment may be their only ticket to getting back home alive.
Caught in the crossfire as rival gangs fight to protect or steal the prototype, Bette must outwit both sides and elude the ever-tightening net Interpol is closing around the operation. Can Bette come up with a way for her, Soline, Margot and Sten to make their escape and enjoy the bank account they've accumulated, or will they become victims of an international sex trafficking syndicate?

Out Now: STRANGE SEX: Erotic Flights and Phantasms by Debra Hyde

Here's an exceptional treat: a wonderful new collection of erotic tales featuring all kinds of unearthly characters and situations by the one-and-only (and Lambda Award winner) Debra Hyde.  Strange Sex: Erotic Flights and Phantasms will excite you in all kinds of ways!

An enthralling mini-collection of stories sure to enthrall anyone who has ever dreamed of carnal encounters with ghosties, the undead, and the paranormal. By the Lambda Award winning author.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Out Now: BREAKING THE RULES [Shell Game, vol. 2] by J.J. Rose

Hot, hot, hot, hot!  That's the only way to describe this well-written and oh-so-steamy new BDSM erotic masterpiece by J.J. Rose.  Breaking The Rules is a book that will stay with you for a long, long time!

Sarah wears Michael's collar. She submits to him, both in the bedroom and out. For five years, she's shared his life, and in Shell Game vol. 1Learning the Ropes, we saw just what that entails.
But even the most romantically engaging d/s life isn't all spankings and sex. Sometimes real life intrudes on the perfect fantasies, and now that Michael's twenty-year-old daughter Jaime has met someone new, Sarah's starting to get worried. Because Jaime's coming home later and later—or not at all—and Sarah knows Jaime's boyfriend isn't what he seems.
She knows the signs. She's faced the same situation. When it happened to her five years ago, Michael was there to rescue her.
To rescue Jaime, Sarah's going to have to start breaking the rules. Because no matter what punishment she earns, Jaime is family—and Sarah would do anything for her family.

Out Now: MY SOLDIER, MY WAR: A Gay Romance Novel by Joe Filippone

This is an honest-and-true treat for anyone who enjoys now just a queer erotic treat but a brilliant work of touching fiction: My Solider, My War by Joe Filippone is a memorable read and then some!

Was their passion for each other strong enough to survive the wounds of war?
Horror writer Scott Wallace's husband Kristian went off to Iraq to fight, only to return, after two harrowing years, with PTSD. The strength of Scott and Kristian's marriage was tested, but neither of them gave up on the other.
Then, Kristian is deployed once again and killed by a suicide bomber.
While grieving the death of his husband, Scott meets Henrik Hilberg—Kristian's best friend since kindergarten—and the two become friends, bonding over the loss of a loved one. But while Scott deals with depression and writer's block, he finds himself turning to Henrik—first for consolation and then, more and more often, for the pleasure of his company.
After all Scott's been through, can he remain true to Kristian's memory while letting himself live—and love—in the present?
New, expanded edition which tells much more of Scott and Henrik's story.
"Brace yourself... This is one heck of a storytelling journey!" —Casey Harris, Queer Town Abbey
"All in all, My Soldier, My War is a lovely story about love, loyalty and loss. I will certainly be looking for more from this author." —GoodReads review
"This is the first book I’ve read by Mr. Filippone and it won’t be my last. Between the addictive storytelling ability this author has and his ability to bring this reader into the lives of his well-written and complex characters, he kept me enthralled with the book from start to finish." —Top2Bottom Reviews

Out Now: ROOM FOR ONE MORE: Bisexual Tales of Menage and Beyond by Sascha Illyvich

There's a reason Sascha Illyvich is considered one of the best writers of erotica working today - and with this, his brand new collection - you'll see why!  Room For One More is all-but guaranteed to rock your world in all kinds of ways!

Sometimes Three is Not a Crowd!
Is bisexuality the new norm? Can there be blissful sex - not to mention actual romance - for three and not just for two?
Of this sensational, timely new collection, the author says: "What could be better than two men and one woman? Maybe two women and one man? I have daydreamed about it. Haven't you? This collection contains a few new stories and some old ones from that deal with the wonderful topic of ménage.
"In 'Emerald Green' we meet the sexy Naomi who dares Alex to fulfill his fantasy of being with a guy, going so far as to sweeten the deal with her own hot body. In 'Madison's Cure', we have the traditional workaholic who often fantasizes about the woman he stays with. Can she think of a way to get him away from his work long enough to focus on something more interesting? In 'Lashway's Lease', Lindsey desperately wants something from an on-again-off-again fling who controls prime real estate, so she tries something unusual to get the apartment she wants!
"These six short stories were fun to write and arousing as well. I hope you enjoy reading about My Bisexual Fantasies."

Out Now: EITHER WAY: Bisexual Erotica by Debra Hyde

Sizzled Editions is extremely pleased and proud to be able to announce the release of a brand new collection by the Lambda-Award winning author, Debra Hyde.  Pick up Either Way: Bisexual Erotica and you will not be disappointed!

Take a pause that refreshes with this sizzling mini-collection by Lambda Literary Award winner Debra Hyde. Included are a quintet of hotter-than-hot stories:
If menage, bisexuality and more appeal to you, read this irresistible collection now!