Friday, March 28, 2014

Out Now: OBSESSION - Erotica for Those with a Kinky Itch by Jean Roberta

Jean Roberta is simply one of the best erotica writers working today: her stories are rich with sensuality, delicious in sexuality, and hot with kinky spice.  Pick up her newest book, Obsession: Erotica for Those with a Kinky Itch, and discover for yourself why Jean Roberta is so respected and admired!

From the author:
"When a character with a kinky itch shows up in my head, I know I’m seeing the beginning of a story and I have to find out where it leads. The stories in this collection show where my characters have led me:
* What if a lesbian with a taste for older women goes looking for her birth-mother and is shocked to find out what King Oedipus knew? What if she only wants to impress a lesbian literature prof who knows the classics?
* What if a man dreams of finding a truly submissive woman, but when she appears like a gift from the heavens, he feels as if he is trapped in a nightmare?
* What if a person of any gender or sexual orientation wants to find the perfect companion, for a night or a lifetime, and finds one who is not exactly human?
* What if curiosity or compassion or a desperate need for cash leads a sensible-enough person to take unusual risks?
Be warned; not all of these stories end happily. The road to pleasure or love or admiration or material comfort is paved with danger. Some of these stories have old roots in myth and folklore, but none of them carry the old message that women’s sexuality is a source of evil, or that strong men are born to rule the world."
—Jean Roberta

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