Friday, March 28, 2014

Out Now: MEGAN’S DESIRE [Fawn Lake Series #2] by Sarah Bella

He love Sarah Bella's work - beautifully written, evocatively told, and gloriously erotic - and we are sure that you will love Sarah's brand new book, Megan's Desire (book two in her phenomenal Fawn Lake series)

Newly independent Megan Lewis moves to tiny Fawn Lake to start a dog rescue. When she discovers that her new kennels require renovations, she meets sexy Tate Roberts, Fawn Lake's resident handyman.
Tate not only handles renovations, but begins to share Megan's zeal for her work. He volunteers as a dog walker and goes along on her various misadventures, from nursing a litter of puppies dropped on her doorstep, to stealing a pack of dogs chained up in the back yard of an abandoned house. Over the weeks of construction, he and Megan slowly fall in love.
After a kennel dog goes missing, Megan finds that no matter how much help Tate offers, the distraction he offers is still greater. Her mind is no longer dedicated solely to the dogs; she can't continue to divide her time between Tate and the rescue—and something has to give.
Megan decides to break off the relationship. In the days that follow, she begins to wonder if she did the right thing. Her dreams seem hollow when she's living them alone; does she really need to suffer the absence of the man she loves in order to do right by the shelter?
Not long after, her answer will come—but she'll have to battle a nearly-tragic fire in the kennel before she understands it.

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