Friday, March 28, 2014


There's a reason the one-and-only Powerone is a best-selling author of BDSM erotica: his books are more than hot ... they're on fire!  Check out his newest tale of domination and submission, The Harem Master And The Spy and experience the power that is Powerone!

The Harem Master and the Spy is a fast-paced novel of deceit, betrayal and bondage.
Amidst the turmoil of World War II, two British women go to Turkey to teach English to the children of diplomats and the Turkish heads of state. But is all what it seems to be or do they harbor a hidden agenda? The Turkish culture of the 1940s is male-dominated and these two women must find ways to navigate it: one, more secure and experienced, uses it to her advantage, trading favors to get what she wants. The other, with little knowledge of either the world around her or of her own heart, finds something deep inside her that scares her when she responds to men's demands.

Both women come to the attention of the feared Turkish intelligence department when secrets are stolen from the safes of diplomats. Both women had been in attendance at state dinners on the nights of the break-ins. Determined to find out if either woman—or both—are spies, they are subject to days-long interrogations.

One of the women finds escape in the most unlikely way—her sexual innocence highly prized by the Sultan—finding herself in a harem that she knows little about and trained to pleasure the Sultan in all manners. Will she relinquish herself to the Sultan’s wanton pleasure or will she suffer the fate of those who offend him? Will the other woman escape the clutches of her captors, or will she disappear like many who preceded her? Are they two innocent women, or are they dedicated and cunning spies caught in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Intense bondage in the inimitable Powerone manner!

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