Friday, March 28, 2014

How To Write And Sell Erotica With M.Christian!

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area here's your chance to attend our friend, and Renaissance E Books Associate Publisher, M.Christian's celebrated class Sex Sells - How To Write and Sell Erotica on April 10th.  Here are the details:

The market for erotic fiction and nonfiction is booming!

There actually is a secret to writing great erotica - and you'll discover just what that is in this fun, hands-on workshop with well-known erotica writer and teacher M.Christian. For the beginning writer, erotica can be the ideal place to begin writing, getting published, and - best of all - earning money. And for the experienced writer, erotica can be an excellent way to beef up your resume and hone your writing skills. M. Christian will review the varieties of personal and literary expression possible in this exciting and expanding field. He'll also teach you techniques for creating love and sex scenes that sizzle. Plus: current pay rates, how to write for a wide variety of erotic genres, where and how to submit your erotic writing, and more.

M.Christian is a remarkably prolific author and editor who works in a wide range of genres: from science fiction, horror, non-fiction, to erotica
April 10th, 2014
7:00PM - 9:00Pm

Feelmore Adult Gallery
1703 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612

Out Now: REDEMPTION ROAD by Bonni Sansom

Here's a real treat for fans looking for sagebrush and spurs in their erotica romance: a new treasure from our master of love and sex - and the West -  Bonni Sansom: Redemption Road is sure to tickle your fancy and stir your heart in all kinds of new and wonderful ways!
An Unforgettable Contemporary Western Romance!

Justin McClain, a ranch foreman at Sundown Farms in Redemption, Texas, meets feisty filly Jaz Tyler at his boss' wedding and is instantly smitten. They soon embark on a whirlwind romance that leaves them both breathless. With the exception of a few problems—Kaden, Jaz’s nearly-grown son, being the biggest—their relationship has little to overcome as their infatuation deepens into love.
But the challenges slowly start to creep in. Though Jaz has fallen in love with the cowboy pretty quickly, she soon gets tired of the men in her life bossing her around. Now she's faced with a critical question: can she stand up for herself and the love she is certain she and Justin share?

Out Now: OBSESSION - Erotica for Those with a Kinky Itch by Jean Roberta

Jean Roberta is simply one of the best erotica writers working today: her stories are rich with sensuality, delicious in sexuality, and hot with kinky spice.  Pick up her newest book, Obsession: Erotica for Those with a Kinky Itch, and discover for yourself why Jean Roberta is so respected and admired!

From the author:
"When a character with a kinky itch shows up in my head, I know I’m seeing the beginning of a story and I have to find out where it leads. The stories in this collection show where my characters have led me:
* What if a lesbian with a taste for older women goes looking for her birth-mother and is shocked to find out what King Oedipus knew? What if she only wants to impress a lesbian literature prof who knows the classics?
* What if a man dreams of finding a truly submissive woman, but when she appears like a gift from the heavens, he feels as if he is trapped in a nightmare?
* What if a person of any gender or sexual orientation wants to find the perfect companion, for a night or a lifetime, and finds one who is not exactly human?
* What if curiosity or compassion or a desperate need for cash leads a sensible-enough person to take unusual risks?
Be warned; not all of these stories end happily. The road to pleasure or love or admiration or material comfort is paved with danger. Some of these stories have old roots in myth and folklore, but none of them carry the old message that women’s sexuality is a source of evil, or that strong men are born to rule the world."
—Jean Roberta


There's a reason the one-and-only Powerone is a best-selling author of BDSM erotica: his books are more than hot ... they're on fire!  Check out his newest tale of domination and submission, The Harem Master And The Spy and experience the power that is Powerone!

The Harem Master and the Spy is a fast-paced novel of deceit, betrayal and bondage.
Amidst the turmoil of World War II, two British women go to Turkey to teach English to the children of diplomats and the Turkish heads of state. But is all what it seems to be or do they harbor a hidden agenda? The Turkish culture of the 1940s is male-dominated and these two women must find ways to navigate it: one, more secure and experienced, uses it to her advantage, trading favors to get what she wants. The other, with little knowledge of either the world around her or of her own heart, finds something deep inside her that scares her when she responds to men's demands.

Both women come to the attention of the feared Turkish intelligence department when secrets are stolen from the safes of diplomats. Both women had been in attendance at state dinners on the nights of the break-ins. Determined to find out if either woman—or both—are spies, they are subject to days-long interrogations.

One of the women finds escape in the most unlikely way—her sexual innocence highly prized by the Sultan—finding herself in a harem that she knows little about and trained to pleasure the Sultan in all manners. Will she relinquish herself to the Sultan’s wanton pleasure or will she suffer the fate of those who offend him? Will the other woman escape the clutches of her captors, or will she disappear like many who preceded her? Are they two innocent women, or are they dedicated and cunning spies caught in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Intense bondage in the inimitable Powerone manner!

Out Now: MEGAN’S DESIRE [Fawn Lake Series #2] by Sarah Bella

He love Sarah Bella's work - beautifully written, evocatively told, and gloriously erotic - and we are sure that you will love Sarah's brand new book, Megan's Desire (book two in her phenomenal Fawn Lake series)

Newly independent Megan Lewis moves to tiny Fawn Lake to start a dog rescue. When she discovers that her new kennels require renovations, she meets sexy Tate Roberts, Fawn Lake's resident handyman.
Tate not only handles renovations, but begins to share Megan's zeal for her work. He volunteers as a dog walker and goes along on her various misadventures, from nursing a litter of puppies dropped on her doorstep, to stealing a pack of dogs chained up in the back yard of an abandoned house. Over the weeks of construction, he and Megan slowly fall in love.
After a kennel dog goes missing, Megan finds that no matter how much help Tate offers, the distraction he offers is still greater. Her mind is no longer dedicated solely to the dogs; she can't continue to divide her time between Tate and the rescue—and something has to give.
Megan decides to break off the relationship. In the days that follow, she begins to wonder if she did the right thing. Her dreams seem hollow when she's living them alone; does she really need to suffer the absence of the man she loves in order to do right by the shelter?
Not long after, her answer will come—but she'll have to battle a nearly-tragic fire in the kennel before she understands it.

Out Now: GETTING HIGH - A Novel of the 1960s by J. P. Dooley

We are extremely pleased and proud to be able to announce the publication of the ground-breaking novel of sixties adventure and experimentation, Getting High: A Novel of the 1960s by J. P. Dooley.
"A drug, gasoline, and mysticism fueled trip ... a beautifully written tale of the journey as a long, hypnotic destination ... one amazing tale after another." - M.Christian, editor of the Mammoth Book of the Tales of the Road.
Jaymo Mahoney knew only one law – do whatever it takes to get high. Vietnam was behind him. Before him lay the new America – a psychedelic universe of wild adventures, close escapes, endless spliffs, marathons of lovemaking, nights of laughing so hard his guts hurt in the morning, and the omnipresent, ecstatic music that supplied the driving beat of the time. Kick-starting his motorcycle, Jaymo Mahoney was ready... It was going to be the Summer of Love all the time! But to survive, he would need a little help from his friends! A sensitive, insightful literary work that captures the 1960s from the inside. Unapologetic. Celebratory.
"If you liked Jack Kerouac’s On the Road, you’ll love John Dooley’s humorous and adventurous novel cut from a Vietnam combat veteran’s return home with empty pockets, marijuana pipedreams, and psychedelic drugs. There are motorcycles, black marketeering, clashes with the law – lovers, laughs, fun, warts-and-all characters, and enough wild sex to make Kama Sutra readers blush."
—Big Jim Williams, author, Tall Tales of the Old West.
"Vividly described characters ... splendid writing ... full of amusing surprises and twists ... a gripping account of sincere and rowdy camaraderie. J.P. Dooley takes us on a magic carpet ride into the experiences of a veteran who returns to hippie life – one of the most iconic eras of the 20th century. Like the time it portrays, Getting High is hilarious—I laughed out loud."
—Judy Pearce, journalist, columnist.
"Captures the era of free-love, hippies and psychedelic adventurers as experienced with a ferocity that has no fear of death (but with a knowledgeable and healthy respect for the scourging and crucifixion). Literary and engaging, these tales and characters are just too real to be entirely fictive. If you weren't there then, you've gotta see what it was like, and if you were it is just as amazing, profound and knee-slapping funny as you'd remember if you could."
—Barnes & Noble 5-star customer review