Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Out Now: THANK YOU, MS. JOHNSON by Randall Lang

Here's a real treat for fans of cougars, MILFs and hot, hot, hot erotica: THANK YOU, MS. JOHNSON by Randall Lang is all but guaranteed to please the discerning erotica reader in all kinds of ways!

Imagine that you are a 'young buck' of 18, 19, or 20-something years of age. Thoughts of sex dominate your waking hours and even your dreams. It seems like all you can think about is women. But it is not the skinny, flighty, perky girls your own age who excite you. Instead, it is full-figured, busty, mature women, double or triple your age, who ignite the flames of your desire.

These are confident and experienced women who know and understand what you need, and often speak of it freely. Perhaps she is a neighbor lady, or a teacher at your university who makes you look twice. Yet so often these amazing women are unattainable, locked away from you with husbands, children, careers, and a general sense of propriety that keeps them from even considering the pleasure that your strong, young body could bring them.

But...what if?

What if she asks you to carry her groceries into her house? Or mow her grass? What if you are suddenly alone with her and her eyes flash with desire? Will that be your chance to kiss those sweet, plump lips? To hear her moan in delight? To vividly realize what will remain a fantasy for most and prove a life-changing experience for a lucky few?

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