Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Out Now: ISLANDS by Richard V. Raiment

NBow here's a book that is a true treasure: a tale of high seas adventure, sexual discovery, romance, and historical eroticism told with a spectacular literary voice.  We cannot recommend ISLANDS by Richard V. Raiment enough!

Menage, adventure, historical romance, and more. Two straight men shipwrecked alone on an island together for years. What do they do? What else could they do? And then a woman arrives...

The early 1700s, Thomas Carton, an English sailor is shipwrecked in the tropics, his ship destroyed and all lives lost, save his own and one other. That other, Peter Lightfoot, is gay—and thus is the last man alive that Carton or any of his ilk would choose to share his isolation. Peter considers himself a depraved freak rightfully despised by God. Thomas agrees.

Forced by the passage of time and the dictates of circumstance into increasing mutual dependence, what kind of relationship, what level of intimacy, might possibly be arrived at by two such men?
And what happens to that relationship when Fate introduces a desirable woman into the mix?

Out Now: ALL FOR HER: Lusty Lesbian Erotica by Debra Hyde

Sizzler Editions is extremely pleased and proud to announce the publication of a great series of books by the Lambda Award Winning author Debra Hyde - and here's the first!  If you like your lesbian erotic short fiction told with both heat and literary flair then ALL FOR HER: Lusty Lesbian Erotica by Debra Hyde is the book for you!

Lambda Award winning author Debra Hyde presents a smoking hot mini-collection of Sapphic stories guaranteed to stir your thoughts while they stir your passions.

Drawn from publications like Body Check: Erotic Lesbian Sports Stories; The Good Parts: Pure Lesbian Erotica; Best of the Best Meat Erotica, and other noted anthologies, the contents include "Spurred On," "Only a Woman's Touch," "All I Need to Know," and other tasty tales.

What are you waiting for? Like the women in this one-of-a-kind mini-anthology of lesbian lust unleashed, you'll want to dive right in!

Out Now: YOU ARE MY SLAVE—Book 2 by David Jewell

David Jewell is the author to read if you like your BDSM erotica with a nice heaping dose of steamy spice - and this YOU ARE MY SLAVE - BOOK 2 continues to show just how good he can be!

Rob and Junko Engle practice bdsm—and have an open marriage, which makes their adventures in the dungeon all the more exciting. But when Rob loses his job, he finds himself considering all the possibilities available to him. In a shaky economy, he finds he must get creative. Thus he comes up with the idea of charging his small number of submissives for his services. Thanks to his impressive array of skills as a dominant, he quickly finds that they are more than willing to do pay for for the pleasure of kneeling at his feet.

One such applicant is Sally Holmes. After Rob gives Sally her first interview, one of his regular clients comes to him with disturbing news: it seems that Sally hasn't entirely been on the level with Rob, and is more interested in investigating him than being his slave.

When Sally contacts him asking for a second interview, he agrees to speak with her again. He firmly believes in keeping his clients close and his potential enemies even closer. Besides, Sally has no clue that he is aware of her doings.

And now, the game is on—in more ways than one. Rob and Sally will parry with each other to determine who will end up wearing the handcuffs in a remarkable game of deceit and subterfuge that will lead to someone's final downfall. But whose will it be?

Out Now: THANK YOU, MS. JOHNSON by Randall Lang

Here's a real treat for fans of cougars, MILFs and hot, hot, hot erotica: THANK YOU, MS. JOHNSON by Randall Lang is all but guaranteed to please the discerning erotica reader in all kinds of ways!

Imagine that you are a 'young buck' of 18, 19, or 20-something years of age. Thoughts of sex dominate your waking hours and even your dreams. It seems like all you can think about is women. But it is not the skinny, flighty, perky girls your own age who excite you. Instead, it is full-figured, busty, mature women, double or triple your age, who ignite the flames of your desire.

These are confident and experienced women who know and understand what you need, and often speak of it freely. Perhaps she is a neighbor lady, or a teacher at your university who makes you look twice. Yet so often these amazing women are unattainable, locked away from you with husbands, children, careers, and a general sense of propriety that keeps them from even considering the pleasure that your strong, young body could bring them.

But...what if?

What if she asks you to carry her groceries into her house? Or mow her grass? What if you are suddenly alone with her and her eyes flash with desire? Will that be your chance to kiss those sweet, plump lips? To hear her moan in delight? To vividly realize what will remain a fantasy for most and prove a life-changing experience for a lucky few?