Monday, May 27, 2013

Kindle Give-Away! Lani Rhea And JP Archer's Before The Dawn [Ark Hotel Series #1]

Here's a chance to pick up Lani Rhea And JP Archer's Before The Dawn [Ark Hotel Series #1] absolutely FREE for Kindle: as part of a special promotion you can get this gloriously sexy ebook for free from May 31st to three days after.

Constant predictions of doomsday inspire many to take a spin on the Wheel of Pleasure at the risque Ark Hotel. Running away from an abusive relationship, Angie Perkins, never suspected her life would change by a chance encounter. Noah Hawthorne, part owner and CEO of The Ark Hotel, which provides services for those with a taste for bondage and discipline, runs into Angie in in a small town diner. Something about her makes Noah think that fate has served up his true love. But when Angie learns about his lifestyle, she is repulsed and lets him know she despises him, The Ark Hotel, and what she considers the freaks who engage in bdsm. Once he learns of Angie's fears, Noah decides to show her a little bondage can be an enhancement if true trust is given freely.

Friday, May 24, 2013

URL to Register for the "Meet the Editors" Live Interactive Web Event Announced

Those interested in meeting editors of erotica and erotic romance may be interested in attending our free, live, one-time-only online panel on June 29th at 5-6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. To register, visit the event's registration page at

This is an exciting opportunity for those writing, or thinking about writing, their first hot romance or erotic book, whether you're an established writer or a beginner. Our editors are seasoned professionals who currently work with many different types of writers of erotica and erotic romance—and are all also writers themselves. They'll offer useful tips, Q&As, and one-on-one sessions with participants at the panel.

Once registered, participants in our free "Meet the Editors" event can use Creative Sexuality's site to log in to a simple control panel that lets them talk to editors via a text-based IM/chat window, or use a device microphone if they have one, to pitch their own book ideas or ask questions about the writing, editing, and publishing process.

We'll present all three of our editors, each of whom will help open the event by offering advice and insights into how to write, publish and market erotic romance and erotica today. Then they'll take questions from the audience.

Remember, June 29th at 5-6:30 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

Creative Sexuality, our partner in this special panel, is a unique site offering interactive online classes, seminars and other live presentations themed around sexuality for open-minded adults. We are proud to work with them on creating this unique free "Meet the Editors" event.

More details to come...

Monday, May 20, 2013


Free Live Interactive Webinar
 Sizzler Edition is teaming with Creative Sexuality
to present
June 29, 2013
2pm PST/5pm EST
90 minutes

Creative Sexuality specializes in interactive online classes, worshops and seminars on sexuality for open minded adults. We have been trying out their facilities for presenting live interactive events on the web, and are proud to have partnered with them to present this very special event and others that are in the planning stage. Authors will have the opportunity of  chatting live with three experienced editors via IM or using their device's microphone, actually talk to them live on the air.

You can use the Creative Sexuality site to join this live webinar and...

Pitch your sexual fiction & nonfiction
Ask your writing & publishing questions
Learn how to:
* Format, Submit, and Publish Your Book
* Write, plot, characterize

Three Sizzler Editions editors will talk about:

Erotic romance
Sascha llyvich, Romance Editor

Writing erotica
M. Christian, Senior Editor 

Publishing and non-fiction
Jean Marie Stine, Publisher

20 minute presentation – then our editors will take your questions.

Limited Availibility

 Sign-up details and website to come....

Meanwhile, check out

Friday, May 17, 2013


All year we will be celebrating our new site by giving away a paperback each month to some lucky blog visitor!   
Each month we will ask visitors at the Sizzler Editions Blog to answer a question we've posted about our new site or our books. 
At the end of the month we will enter the email addresses of those who have answered the question in a randomizer and it will pick one. 
The lucky winner can select any book from the list of all our current paperbacks and it will be delivered right to their door.

Click here to enter this month's Win A Sizzler Editions Paperback drawing.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Margie Church is the author of several Sizzler Editions novels, including those referenced below.

A lot of authors don't realize that the moment they sign their book contract (or self-pub their book), that they have opened a small business. For the majority of us, the lion's share of the promotional work falls on our own shoulders. Often, we're really unprepared for this to happen. Even those of us with a significant back list know that we cannot rely on past accomplishments to ensure our future success.
Here's a key sentence to remember:  Plan for success.
What does that mean? You need to create a little marketing plan for your new book to give it the best possible chances of success. Here are 10 tips to help you.
1.      Write a solid blurb, no more than 200 words long, to attract readers.
2.      Have a 25-30 word version of the blurb ready for Twitter and casual conversations about the book.
3.      Put your web/blog/buy links on everything.
4.      Hunt for readers in your genre. Conventional thinking is to just sign up for a whole bunch of blogs, give away amazing prizes, and wait for success. Don't count on that. Readers are getting very fed up with having our books and promotions shoved down their throats. Choose your blog locations carefully. Match those blogs to your genre. Write short, punchy pieces that engage readers – remember, they're choosing to spend time on you – don't waste that chance!
5.      I don't recommend giving away huge prizes if you haven't squirreled away the royalties from previous months to pay for them. I always determine how many books I must sell to recoup the cost of my prize AND make a profit. I also don't like giving away gift cards that allow readers to buy books that aren't mine. I prefer to give prizes unique to me and my work so they will remember me. This is a business.
6.      Don't pay for reviews. Consider how many books you'll need to sell to recover the cost, and be honestly prepared to suck it up if you get a less favorable review. Keep reviews current on your website, with hyperlinks to the full source. Always cite the reviewer.
7.      Insert a hyperlink from your book cover to the buy link. Always.
8.      Consider an ad, but recognize that ads are passive forms of advertising. Pick your location to match the audience you're seeking. I don't always follow the crowd. If I have a spectacular cover, and the chance to caption that cover or link it to more information, those get stronger purchase consideration from me.
9.      Be available. If you post in yahoo loops, Facebook groups, have a fan page, hold a blog hop, etc., show up to say hello and respond to comments even a day or two after your appearance. Spread your announcements out to avoid a morning flood that disappears by evening when many people might have more time to focus on social media. Twitter is a very valuable tool to help share your information globally. Please don't forget to thank your blog hosts!
10.  Realize this activity is ongoing. It takes time, patience, and hard work to build a readership.

My newest book, Love's Storm, is co-authored with K.B. Cutter. We used several fun tools to help us reach readers and increase excitement for the entire series. Those included creating a QR code to our Facebook series fan page, and partnering with a company to feature their product as a give-away item as part of a very sexy prize package. We also did a blog talk radio interview. There are lots of other things we did and will do through the end of May.
Get creative, stay focused, and keep track of your results so you know what worked and what didn't. I bet you'll see some great sales numbers, too.
I'd love to show off our new book now!

Razor: Love's Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter
Their delicious, naughty secret is out, and it's open season on Amy and Bryce's decision to add a third person to their marriage.
All the talking in the world can't convince critics that Amy and Bryce's marriage is rock-solid, and there are no secrets between them. Others meddle to undermine Bryce's business and marriage. Even Raine's Master thinks she's making a huge mistake.
With no allies, and scorn coming from every direction, love and determination must lead Amy, Bryce, and Raine through love's storm.
Their journey began in Razor: Desire's Edge and continues after Love's Storm in Love's Reflection.

Love's Storm is the second book in the Razor trilogy. It's a polyamorous love story written for 21st century romance readers. We hope you'll find the premise fascinating and take a chance on this book. You won't be disappointed. It contains strong BDSM elements and plenty of erotic love scenes, but at its core, Love's Storm is a marvelous romance.

Available in ebook and print, get Love's Storm at Amazon and B&N.
Get Desire's Edge, the first book in the series, at Amazon and B&N.
Learn more about our amazing Razor Romances Booty giveaway here.
Learn more about Margie Church at

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Coming Up: How To Create An Effective Online Profile Class By M.Christian

This is going to be a lot of fun: on Tuesday, May 18th, author and our Associate Publisher, M.Christian,  is going to be teaching his entertaining class How To Create An Effective Online Profile – And How To Write Messages That Will Get Good Responses for the great folks at the Center For Sex And Culture in San Francisco!

- and you can now preregister for the class through Brown Paper Tickets!

How To Create An Effective Online Profile – And How To Write Messages That Will Get Good Responses

The Center For Sex And Culture
Tuesday, May 14th
7:00PM - 10:00PM
The world is the now the Internet ... and if you don't know how to use it then you are at a serious disadvantage in making any kind of connection: employment, social, artistic and – most of all – erotic. This class will not just explore how to use the Internet and various sites as a resource to explore your own sexuality – in any form – but also how to create an effective and alluring online profile. But creating a digital 'self' is only part of it: participants will also get tips on how to reach out in imaginative ways that will get a positive response, the important things that are too often forgotten and other social niceties that can be the difference between frustration and disappointment and having a wonderful – and best of all – sexy time online!


If you like your BDSM hot and heavy and well-written (and we know you do) then you absolutely have to pick up this brand new book by one of our resident masters of the genre!  Read Ten Shades Of Submission by Jim Lyon and discover the real power of BDSM!

Men and women whose yearnings can only be satisfied by a dominant woman fill the pages of this new collection of femdom fiction!

Jim Lyon is on his way to becoming a major writer of erotica, and this compilation of very hot shorts shows why. Among the stories showcased are:

A Night of Firsts
In the Limelight
The Recreation Executive's Assistant
Obsessive Compulsive Behavior
Bait and Switch
A Niche Business
A Gift for Veronica
Phone Sex Gone Wrong
Tennis, Anyone?
A Night at Club Noir

Lady Lucretia at BDSM Book Reviews says that Lyon's books "will appeal to BDSM aficionados who enjoy femdom stories with realistic characters and romantic outcomes."

Out Now: LOVE & OTHER ILLUSIONS by Marcy Sheiner

Marcy Sheiner is a true legend in the world of erotica: not only is she the editor of the remarkably well-respected Herotica series but her own short fiction has been heralded in dozens of anthologies - which makes this, a very special collection of stories about love such a true delight.  Love & Other Other Illusions is a treat and then some!

From Marcy Sheiner – the renowned editor of the Herotica series of women-centric erotic anthologies – comes this collection of deep, delightful stories on love, friendship, joy and pain.

While the eleven stories in Love and Other Illusions generate heat and passion without being graphically erotic, Marcy says, "I was pretty passionate while writing them!"

Included in Love and Other Illusions are the tales:

SAVING MY LIFE: In which Uncle Yernie pulls his little niece out of the crashing ocean, and saves her life in unexpected ways.

LO SIENTO: Martha leaves her live-in boyfriend at home and goes to Mexico to ponder their relationship. Will she leave him? Will she stay? I’m not telling! (Lo Siento means “I’m sorry” in Spanish.)

WHAT: The anxieties of commitment are overcome as love conquers all—or does it?

LETTER DELIVERED AS A DREAM: A couple shares a summer idyll with a colony of ants in this short-short story.

A TRAGEDY OF CHILDHOOD: An older woman is hurtled back to her past when she befriends a young mother and toddler, and helps the child overcome a fear of escalators.

THE UNIVERSE WILL PROVIDE: Or will it? The answer would be a spoiler, so you’ll just have to read it to find out.

EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: What makes a woman beautiful? How do her looks affect her life and personality? Her loves and friendships? Even her career is affected by her appearance, especially if she’s extremely beautiful or extremely not. Every woman privately knows—even if she won’t admit it—that what she looks like is one of the most basic yet complicated issues in our lives.

THE COUCH: Q: When is a couch more than a piece of furniture?
A: When it’s sold as part of a self-improvement plan.

A woman’s decision to sell her couch brings the house of cards she’s built, and the man who’s inside it, crashing down around her.

BAD AIR DAY: What begins as another bad air day for the asthmatic Sharon ends up just the opposite when someone new comes into her life. Caution: Mind-reading and psychic phenomena included.

THE SOUND OF ONE HEART BREAKING: As war breaks out in the desert, two people on the precipice of a relationship discover they too are breaking out—with herpes!

NEVER LOOK BACK: The most popular story among baby boomers these days seems to be high school sweethearts reuniting years or decades later. In this version he’s a Vietnam vet, she’s an anti-war ex-hippie. Can they find each other again?

THE FOURTH AND FINAL MARRIAGE OF SADIE NUSSBAUM: When octogenarian Bernie Solomon has a heart attack, his adulterous affair with Sadie Nussbaum is exposed. After he dies, his agoraphobic wife doesn’t even notice he’s gone, while his mistress Sadie plays the role of widow, leading to his daughter finding out about them.

Out Now: CORBIN’S CAPTIVE [Galactic Breeders Series] by Emma Paul

Here's a masterful new series by a brillaint erotica writer that is all-but guaranteed to not just stir your imagination but your erotic fantasies as well!  But up Corbin's Captive by Emma Paul and you will not be disappointed!

On Corbin's world, men rule women -- women who are their breeders and slaves for life.
During a trip off-planet, a chance encounter brings Corbin face to face with Princess Yani, a beautiful woman who calls to him in a way he cannot understand. Yani hates her life, and the man she is about to marry for the sake of politics. Fleeing her nuptial feast, Yani runs straight into one of the planet's lowest dives, a place where where sex and sensuality run rampant among the clientele. It is here that she meets Corbin, and between the heady, overwhelmingly physical atmosphere of the bar and their inexplicable attraction to one another, their lives may change forever.
One night of eternal bliss, a night in which Corbin takes complete possession of her, seems to offer Yani a longed-for escape from her marriage -- until she learns Corbin's deepest secrets and needs. Can the Corbin and Yani find love together, or will Fate doom each of them to a dull, lonely existence?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Excerpt - Corbin's Captor

During the 8th through the 10th of May we'll be giving away this book free on Amazon, in conjunction with its release!  Emma Paul, our resident sci fi romance author, brings us another in the Dreg Series, a hot romance with a tormented hero, a sensual heroine and their story of love, overcoming all odds.

Corbin's back still bore the marks of the whips and his backside throbbed from Ren's insatiable ass fucking. The salve Ren used on the welts would heal them complete by the morning. Not a single mark would remain. He ignored the soreness and greeted the two Sh'kra women guarding the Pub entrance before he stepped in. 
The Zenian's scent assailed Corbin the moment he entered the Sh'kra nightclub. He had hoped to simply meet his contact, make the purchase and then leave. However, the moment he inhaled the female's essence, curiosity led him to make a temporary detour. 
Then curiosity turned to wanting when he finally laid eyes on her across the room. 
Inevitably, the hardness rising below his waist was testament to the virility of a Dreg male.  Mistress Kye had sated his body, yet an exotic Zenian woman was an opportunity even he, as jaded as he was, could not pass up. 
He focused on his prey and made his way through the crowed room. She was a beauty, more beautiful than Kiana had ever been. Her long black hair fell to her round derriere in a waterfall of silky curls.
Her lush curvy body was perfectly proportioned.  She had big full breasts, a tapering waist and hips that flared out to form a bounty of plump round ass. The short dress she wore rode up her silky thighs as she sat down on the barstool. Corbin enjoyed the view of her crossing long smooth legs, modestly concealing the treasure he was sure to find between them. 
He then noticed the collar she wore, indicating her status as an Azurian slave-mate. Like the Dregs, the Azurians were a patriarchal society, however unlike the Dregs they tended to treat their women harshly. 
Corbin could care less who had mated her. The fact that she sat here alone, dressed as she was, told him that whoever owned her had little control.  Who cared if he fucked her? Let her get the punishment she deserves for dishonoring her mate. Kiana didn't care…
Corbin stopped the direction of his thoughts. This Zenian was not Kiana. Besides, this time he was the other man, not the poor sucker stuck at home wondering where his Breeder had gone and who she went to fuck that night. This time he had the control and he would make sure the little cheating slut would worship his cock, and beg for more.
He sat next to her and waited, knowing she felt his presence behind her. She turned around to face him.
"Hell-oh my…"
Sweet Ancients, he had expected her to be beautiful, but the moment she faced him and her brilliant green eyes locked with his, Corbin lost all ability to make a coherent sentence. Only one thought crossed his mind.