Thursday, April 18, 2013

Out Now: BOUND BY BLOOD – Two Novellas of Paranormal Romance by Sarah Bella

There are erotica writers and then there is the brilliant Sarah Bella - and this new collection by Sarah proves how excellent she can be.  Check out Bound By Blood and you will not be disappointed!

A pair of irresistible short novels of vampires and the fairy folk from one of today's most exciting authors of paranormal romance. In Bonded by Blood, Caoimhe has spent hundreds of years as a vampire, swapping one feeding partner for the next, hoping against hope to avoid the blood sickness. When she meets Edana she knows she’s met her Blood Mate, but Edana wants to shift the power between them and will use any means necessary to convince Caoimhe that power exchange can be fun.

In Half of Me, Leanan Sidhe Drake meets his match in Penny, a human artist with fae blood. His taste for the kinky side of life helps teach her a thing or two about creating art but not before they realize a passionate pull so deep it binds them eternally.

Both Drake and Caoimhe lean toward the sexually adventurous and can't resist the call of passion!

Out Now: LOVE’S STORM [The Razor Trilogy II] by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Here's a real treat for anyone who likes their erotica with a delightful dose of romance - and thrills: a brand new book by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter - Love's Storm!

The revealing trilogy of romance and polyamory continues! Their secret is out, and it's open season on Amy and Bryce's decision to add a third person to their marriage.

Business associates, friends, and family all condemn their choice to live and love in a polyamorous relationship with Raine, a FemDom. All the talking in the world can't convince their critics that Amy and Bryce's marriage is rock solid, and that there are no secrets between them. Not content with mere talk, others begin to meddle to undermine Bryce's business and marriage. Even Raine's Master thinks she's making a huge mistake.

With no allies, and scorn coming from every direction, love and determination must lead Amy, Bryce, and Raine through love's storm. Their journey began in Razor: Desire's Edge and continues in Razor: Love's Reflection.

Out Now: SLAVE OF THE KREMLIN by Powerone

There is simply no one better at BDSM erotica than our grandmaster, Powerone - and he shows just how good he can be with Slave Of The Kremlin: a hotter-than-hell mixture of bondage, domination and Cold War intrigue!

A high-octane Cold War era thriller with high-octane sex! Fans of James Bond, Jason Bourne, and the new TV hit, "The Americans", who like their espionage sprinkled with a splash or three of bondage, will fall in love with this explosive new novel from bestselling author, Powerone.

It's the 1960s, America and Soviet Russia are the two most powerful nations on Earth, and each will do anything, no matter how dirty, to get an edge on the other. Meet Giselle, a Russian sleeper agent in the U.S., unknown to anyone but herself and her Soviet masters. Her education, her jobs with the United States government, even her husband have all been selected for her. Obeying orders, Giselle climbs the ladder of the political power elite in Washington one bed at a time. Naïve and innocent at the beginning, she learns quickly, the men eager to teach her - and nothing is too perverted for their taste.

When powerful U.S. officials get in the way of Kremlin plans, it's Giselle’s job to entice them, blackmail them or help destroy them so that others can take their place. Giselle uses every advantage she has to accomplish her mission, and complies with every man's desire - even their needs to dominate and enslave women. But all around her are America's top counter-intelligence agencies, and one slip would mean her execution -- either at the hands of the U.S. or her own Soviet masters!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Walking That Fine Line (And a contest)

When Jean Marie Stine accepted the first book in the Razor trilogy - Desire's Edge - she knew K.B. Cutter and I were walking a fine line between creating a powerful, provocative tale, and truly pissing off readers.

Polyamory isn't a well-understood concept. And even if you understand the definition - the ability and permission to love more than one person - how do we get readers to set aside long-held beliefs and traditions, and accept our trio of lovers as a loving family?

We did it through Amy, the wife.

In a nutshell, Amy invites her best friend Raine, a Lifestyle FemDom into her marriage. That's an eyebrow-raising act to say the least. What's striking is that Amy's marriage to Bryce is rock solid, but she's potentially handing her husband over to her best friend. She could lose what she holds very, very dear - the love of her life, and her best friend. Is she crazy? We don't think so. She's quite unique.

As both books unfold, readers get a strong impression that Amy is a woman who leads with her heart - fiercely, loyally. Bringing Raine into her marriage will, in Amy's opinion, strengthen it. What Amy doesn't admit is how physically attracted she is to Raine, too. So, when these three start to wreck the bed, it's a wonderful shock for Amy to reveal she enjoys having sex with Raine. Even though she's not a true submissive, she gets off on the role play with Raine.

As a natural progression, her feelings grow deeper for Raine. That doesn't worry Amy because she's in control, and these emotions are different than what she feels for Bryce. But when Bryce reveals he, too, loves Raine, that rattles her. This is a chance to cut their losses, hang onto their marriage, and run from their complicated relationship with Raine. Deep down, Amy knows she can't hurt Raine that way, or pretend her feelings are less than they are. When tongues start wagging about how the three of them are living, the heat makes all three of them uncomfortable. In fact, it hurts like hell. Bryce lays it on the table for Amy…and let's her choose. It's a pivotal moment in their marriage to be sure. I won't say that Bryce and Raine have less say about what happens in their family, but when push comes to shove, Amy takes the emotional lead.

The intimacy Amy has with Raine and Bryce allows her to explore other sides of her personality that she's either suppressed or ignored until now. Raine's involvement in the Lifestyle, and especially at Lucien's Cellar, provides Amy with eye-opening, erotic experiences. Even though she feels a sexual awakening and freedom unlike any she's had previously, eventually it'll scare her. By her own hand, Amy has set in motion a life she never imagined.

How far is too far? Where will these pleasures take her?

We're very excited to share our release day for Razor: Love's Storm with all of the Sizzler family of authors and readers. Take a look!

Razor: Love's Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Their delicious, naughty secret is out, and it's open season on Amy and Bryce's decision to add a third person to their marriage.

All the talking in the world can't convince critics that Amy and Bryce's marriage is rock-solid, and there are no secrets between them. Others meddle to undermine Bryce's business and marriage. Even Raine's Master thinks she's making a huge mistake.

With no allies, and scorn coming from every direction, love and determination must lead Amy, Bryce, and Raine through love's storm.

Their journey began in Razor: Desire's Edge and continues in Razor: Love's Reflection. Get these exciting books today on Amazon and Barns & Noble. They are available in eBook and print.

To celebrate the release of Love's Storm and the Razor trilogy, K.B. Cutter and I are hosting a fabulous giveaway - Razor Romances Booty. This isn't your ordinary gift package or gift certificate giveaway. Click the link to get all the details to win!

Take a sneak peak at Love's Storm (Razor Trilogy 2) by Margie Church and Kb Cutter

We're proud to announce the release of the highly anticipated second book in the Razor Series by Margie Church and Kb Cutter.  Razor: Love's Storm.  See what trouble Raine, Bryce and Amy get into and pick up your copy today!  Now available in print from Amazon

Excerpt from Razor: Love's Storm - Coming FRIDAY from Margie Church and Kb Cutter

See the book that's breaking the stereotype about polyamory! 

Razor: Love's Storm by Margie Church and K.B. Cutter

Raine reached for a mug in a cupboard. The hem of her long T-shirt rose with the motion, exposing one, prefect ass cheek.

Bryce stood at the kitchen doorway, arms folded across his bare chest. "Remind me to put everything on the highest shelf."
She turned with the mug held between her breasts, and peered at him with an arched eyebrow.  "I'm surprised you're awake. I didn't think you'd have the stamina to get out of bed."

Bryce snorted. "The lady forgets one of my talents is endurance."

Raine placed her mug on the granite island. Her tongue flicked over her upper lip as her gaze lowered to his crotch.

"Bit cocky, aren't we?"

The throaty, sensual tone of her voice aroused him. Her regal poise commanded his full attention, as did her lithe body. Full breasts strained against cotton fabric. The hem of her shirt barely concealed her exquisite, trimmed mound and rounded ass.

Bryce clenched his jaw. The time for playful banter ended. He closed the distance between them in long, determined strides. He slid his hands slid under the shirt, cupping her breasts.
Raine looked up at him, eyes shimmering.

Did he detect a lustful spark flaring in those liquid onyx depths?

With a fingernail, she traced his jaw line. "Are you hungry, Mr. Gage?"

Bryce leaned in, nuzzling her nape. "Famished."

"Your beard is scratching me."

He pulled his head back, offering a rueful smile. "Sorry for the abrasions."

Raine snaked an arm around his waist. She scraped his lower back with her fingernails hard enough to get his attention. "My submissive is forgetful. I'm not a delicate flower petal, easily bruised."
Her fingers trailed up his spine, then slid into his hair, and caressed his scalp. Arching her back, she applied gentle pressure to the back of his head, guiding it forward. With her free hand, Raine pulled up the hem of her T-shirt, exposing a breast.

"I want you."

Bryce emitted a low growl, his unshaven face grazing her areola as he hungrily suckled the nipple.
"Uh, you two, get a room. Oh wait, you have one."

At the sound of Amy's voice, Bryce jolted upright, as though a bolt of electrical energy lashed his backside. He offered his wife a weak smile.

My God, why do I feel like a teenager busted by my parents for making out in the living room?
Raine pulled down her shirt, and gracefully smoothed the material over her hips. She opened the cupboard, and took out another coffee mug. She glanced over her shoulder. "Hey, girlfriend. Coffee? Freshly brewed."

Amy leaned against the archway, stifling a yawn. "Good morning. Yes, please."

Amy walked into the kitchen, and sat at the table.

Bryce watched her gaze follow Raine's fluid movements. Her nipples poked the flannel nightshirt she wore. Her sleep-tangled, blond locks spilled to her shoulders. Hooded eyes and bedroom husky voice gave the appearance she'd just left her spent lover in tousled sheets.

If I play my cards right—

"Bryce, be a dear and pour Amy some coffee."

Raine's soft, yet authoritative voice dispelled the erotic fantasy unreeling in his mind. "Sure."
He busied himself with pouring milk into the coffee, and then stirred in a teaspoon of sugar.
Raine walked to Amy, leaned over, and gave her a quick a kiss on the cheek. "You feel okay? You seem worn out."

Amy sighed. "I'm exhausted. Got in late last night from my business trip to Connecticut. The new client made me jump through a ton of hoops. I think the woman is part vampire. She nearly sucked the life out of me. To top it off, there was a bus accident on I-95 that snarled traffic for miles. I'm glad you kept Bryce company last night. Sorry for my snarky remark earlier. I didn't mean to come off cranky. If my husband gets his tight ass in gear, the coffee might perk me up."

Bryce grimaced. "Yeah, right, sorry." He brought the mug to her. Bending down, he kissed her fully on the lips. The mixture of scents—Raine's, Amy's, and his own—made him moan.

Amy glanced at him, her lips curling in a knowing smirk.

Raine sipped her mug, the steam wreathing her dark features. "I'm going to skip breakfast this morning, and go take a shower before I head out to my condo. I have so much work to do, and I need to make sure my plants are more than withered stalks."

She walked over to Amy, and stroked her arm. "You kids have a good morning. I'll catch up with both of you later." Raine flashed Bryce a mischievous grin.

Amy smiled while squeezing Raine's hand. "Bye. Thanks for the coffee. I'll catch up with you later."


Find out how it all started in in Razor: Desire's Edge by Margie Church and KB Cutter

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It’s a M.Christian Weekend!

If you're in the Bay Area this weekend (the 13th and 14th) then you're got an opportunity to check out not one but two - almost-back-to-back - classes taught by the celebrated author, and our Associate Publisher, M.Christian.

First up is his celebrated (kinda infamous) Sex Sells: How To Write & Sell Erotica class on Saturday, for the Center For Sex And Culture.

Then, on Sunday, he's teaching Sensual Caning: How To Use The Rod In New And Exciting Ways for the fantastic folks at FantasyMakers Academy.

(for more info, check out M.Christian's Classes And Appearances)


Sex Sells: How To Write & Sell Erotica

Saturday, April 13th from 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Center For Sex And Culture 
1349 Mission St, San Francisco, CA

$20 per person

The market for erotic fiction and nonfiction is booming! There actually is a secret to writing great erotica - and you'll discover just what that is in this fun, hands-on workshop with well-known erotica writer and teacher M.Christian.  For the beginning writer, erotica can be the ideal place to begin writing, getting published, and - best of all - earning money. And for the experienced writer, erotica can be an excellent way to beef up your resume and hone your writing skills. M.Christian will review the varieties of personal and literary expression possible in this exciting and expanding field. He'll also teach you techniques for creating love and sex scenes that sizzle.  Plus: current pay rates, how to write for a wide variety of erotic genres, where and how to submit your erotic writing, and more.


Sunday, April 14, 2013, from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
$20 per individual guest and $15 each for additional partner.

Directions will be sent to confirmed guests by MzGrayce (

Dress code: Discrete on the street and comfortable once you're inside.

The cane is one of those 'legendary' BDSM toys that is far too often used with dramatic flare - rather than erotic effectiveness. In this very special class, cane wielders will learn the difference between using a rod as a prop and, instead, how to use various types of cane (wood versus plastic, thin versus thick, etc) to send the receiver to new erotic heights. With this unique - and sensual - technique even those scared of the rod will be enticed to being on the receiving end of the not-so-scary cane.


M.Christian has been an active participant in the San Francisco BDSM scene since 1988, and has been a featured presenter at the Northwest Leather Celebration, smOdyssey, the Center For Sex and Culture, The National Sexuality Symposium, QSM, San Francisco Sex Information, The Citadel, The Looking Glass, The Society of Janus, The Floating World, Winter Solstice, and lots of other venues. He has taught classes on everything from impact play, tit torture, bondage, How to Write and Sell Erotica, polyamory, cupping, caning, and basic SM safety.

M.Christian is also a recognized master of BDSM erotica with more than 400 stories in such anthologies as Best American Erotica, Best Gay Erotica, Best Lesbian Erotica, Best Bisexual Erotica, Best Fetish Erotica, and many other anthologies, magazines, and other sites; editor of 2t anthologies such as the Best S/M Erotica series, Pirate Booty, My Love For All That Is Bizarre: Sherlock Holmes Erotica, and more; the collections Dirty Words, The Bachelor Machine, Love Without Gun Control, Rude Mechanicals, and more; and the novels Running Dry, The Very Bloody Marys, Me2, Finger's Breadth, Brushes, and Painted Doll. His site is

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The Biggest Change at the New Sizzler Site - and Why!

Perhaps the biggest change at the new Sizzler Editions site is the fact that we no longer host and sell books ourselves. Readers are instead offered the opportunity to click "Buy" links that open up a book's Amazon, B&N or iTunes page. 

As everyone knows, by offering instant download straight to an ebook reading device such as Nook or Kindle (and at steep discounts), where it is ready to open and read at one click, Amazon, B&N and iTunes have literally siphoned off 95% of all ebook sales. This leaves publishers and smaller boutique ebook sellers to divvy up the remaining 5% of ebook sales -- a very small pie sliced into hundreds of microscopic slices. Whereas in 2007, before the debut of the Kindle, ebook publishers and boutique ebook-selling sites shared about 100% of the market. 

As a result, many smaller ebook vendors, and not a few publishers, who were doing quite well BK (before Kindle), have thrown in the towel and are gone from our midst. I expect more such announcements in 2013. Indeed, why would any reader visit a small ebookseller or publisher's site, no matter how much PR the site puts out, when they can go to Amazon which boasts 1,300,000 titles to choose from and those steep discounts? It seems pointless to try to swim upstream or deny that constant and ever-evolving seismic change, and adapting to it, is the reality of the ebook business. 

Now, when someone visits our site and sees a book they like, they can can click on a link that enables them to purchase it in their preferred format, from their preferred vendor, and have the book delivered directly to their reader -- all in a new tab without ever leaving the Sizzler Editions site, where they can continue to browse our books.

This frees us up to devote much more time to promoting our authors' books and the Sizzler Editions imprint. Blog tours, video trailers, a weekly Sizzler Editions podcast, internet radio commercials, increased advertising and much more are all already scheduled for 2013.

We feel it's a win-win for our readers, our writers, and for us.

Monday, April 1, 2013

A TY to the People who Made Our New Site a Reality

Kudos for the existence of the new Sizzler Editions site must be apportioned to three very deserving people who really dedicated themselves to making this a reality:

Frankie Hill, our in-house designer of promotional materials, the Eros Editions paperbacks, and several of our more recent ebook covers, had never built a website and knew nothing of WordPress five months ago. In six weeks he taught himself enough to build us a small website for a new business. Then he sat down and began to build our new Sizzler Editions site, which was an entirely different animal with its 1,300 books and at least 1,500 pages! He took the original Sizzler Editions color scheme, created by Bill Mills in 2006, and updated it, giving everything a more streamlined, contemporary look. It is Frankie who pushed for the improved Book, Category and Author pages, as well as the ability to link books in a series and suggest related books by theme like pirates, office sex, spanking, etc. and many other improvements large and small.

Another big Thank You is due th angelic Jordan, web, computer, and software genius. A single two-hour conversation with her pointed us in the right direction and laid out clearly the path we have followed during the four months we have been building the site. She solved all the internet, IP, and other tech problems that arose along the way, and made the switch to our new location and site today happen in under eight hours, with darn few hitches along the way. And patiently put up with half-hour-long IMs that went nowhere, when it was found I was so ignorant of what she was talking about that I had led us in the wrong direction. With the knowledge of a development guru and the patience of a saint, she led us back to the right path every time. Girl, take a bow!

And, neither least nor last in our estimation, Associate Publisher M. Christian, whose eyes must be worn somewhere down to the optic nerve from maintaining our spreadsheet of 1,300 books and going through it every single day to see what needed what, which books had activated corrently and which ones hadn't, etc. etc. etc. And running errands so the workflow could go on uninterrupted. And getting out PR and books for review. And networking with new authors. And holding the publisher's hand through worries and work on this and nine other difficult projects we are launching. 

Finally, none of this would be possible had Bill and Roc Mills not heroically stepped up to the plate in 2006, in our darkest hour, when I truly did not even know what a server or an IP address was, and built our previous website under the gun in two months, saving our lives. Bill Mills taught me pretty much everything I know about the internet, and its endless parade of new technologies.

Jean Marie and Helene thank you all.

You, the authors and editors are Sizzler Editions. All we did was register the domain name.

New Sizzler Site Now Open - No April Fooling

Our new redesigned site, built on a new, more flexible platform, and at a new location, (not, is now up and running.

We are pretty excited about it. 

New features include the ability to suggest related books by theme and series. If you are into romance or bondage, etc., you can look for books in those categories, of course. But if you're looking at an erotic novel about pirates, for example, you will find more suggested books featuring pirates listed below each pirate book's description. Similarly, the page for any book in a series will show other books in the same series featured below. There is a Video Trailer page where visitors can see the trailers we have produced for our books. The About the Author pages are much improved and expanded, as well. And our new contract is available both to read and as a download in pdf.

Drop in, let us know what you think. Email me at 

I look forward to your comments.

Of course, we still have a few pages to create, a page for audio interviews with our authors is on the drawing boards, and some books still need their theme or series featured, etc.

So we are holding our Official Grand Reopening May 1! 

Peruse the new Sizzler Editions site until then as we continually add books and features, but be sure to come back in a month for free ebooks, prizes and other delights.

Look for an announcement in a week or so.