Monday, December 9, 2013

Out Now: NUMBER 121: A Novel of Enlightenment through Submission by Powerone

Here's the book you've all be waiting for: a brand new release from our resident blockbuster master of BDSM, Powerone!  Number 121 is guaranteed to rock your world!

A successful entrepreneur and CEO, Sandi’s professional life was booming—but she'd had no personal life for ten years. Men were convenient outlets for Sandi, but she took no deeper pleasure in them.
But when a dramatic turn of events turns her life upside down, she finds strength she never expected from her sister Lori. Lori lets her in on an important secret that gives Sandi a ray of hope, telling her about a very different sort of life—a life she'd never expected anyone to live, let alone live herself. Could Sandi’s submission to men bring her pleasure? Could it be the missing piece that, when found, would make her life complete?
Without having to ask herself twice, Sandi embarks on a journey of enlightenment, entering a facility that trains clients to submit and surrender themselves completely. Thus Sandi begins a new life as Number 121, a trained submissive.
Once home from training, can Sandi find happiness with a man who is only interested in using her for his pleasure? Her Master, Walter, has a few surprises up his sleeve, however, and makes her discover her own pleasure in ways she'd never fathomed. From bondage to ménage à trois, Sandi finds a form of bliss and fulfillment that had lain dormant in her body for far too long.
Yet through it all, as she manages to claw her way back to power in her professional life, can she continue to submit in her personal life? Can she find a balance that will bring her entire life together?
Powerone brings you Number 121, A Novel of Enlightenment through Submission.

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