Monday, December 2, 2013

Out Now: THE 18th FLOOR [Enhanced, Expanded Edition] by Margie Church

Margie Church is a true genius when it comes to BDSM erotic romances - and her groundbreaking book, The 18th Floor, has been a masterpiece - which makes the release of this enhanced and expanded edition such a marvelous reading experience!

Alexa Robbins is so consumed by her career that the closest thing she's had to sex in a while is the noise from her nymphomaniac neighbors. When Sebastian Law discovers her in the eighteenth floor conference room early one morning, the table becomes a pallet for making one of her fantasies come true. Will he enjoy her extensive repertoire of fantasies?

On the outside, Sebastian appears to be a buttoned-up, well-dressed, tech geek. Inside, he's a Dom with a hearty appetite for all types of carnal pleasures. He risks alienating Alexa by revealing his true nature, but he won't keep the secret for long.

Together they explore both of their extensive repertoires of fantasies, and create some wild new ones as well. Soon enough, they will explore something else: whether they're a perfect match for life beyond the 18th Floor.

A BDSM adventure like no other!  If you pick up The 18th Floor by Sizzler's star erotic writer Margie Church, you'll step into a new world of domination, submission, lust, love, passion and bondage – and you won't be disappointed!

Do not miss this expanded author's edition, the way the author intended it to be read, with 25% more new material. 

"What’s new about it?" says author Margie Church, "Two primary areas are more vivid. I extended the boat scene – if you haven’t read the original version – it’ll make you sweat. I always felt that highly erotic scene, which includes some MM action, was rushed. Alexa took a huge leap of faith with Sebastian that evening and she never really thought about it afterward. They never discussed what happened and how it made her feel. And maybe, just maybe, they share a little more passion between the sheets.

I also was never happy with how abruptly the book ended. Neither were readers. I’ve slowed that down somewhat, gave more depth to the supporting characters and let everything wrap up smoothly."

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