Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sizzling Hot Books Likes 14 Days of “Ohs!” by Sarah Bella

This is totally excellent: check out this great review from Sizzling Hot Books for Sarah Bella's new book, 14 Days of “Ohs!” 

Their love led to two weeks of "Oh!"s. Some were good, some were bad, and some were all about the sex.

Three years ago, Grace Stevens packed up, left home and hasn’t looked back since. Now she gives snorkeling tours at an exclusive resort on a private island in the Caribbean, filling her days with fun and sun—and her bed with the occasional nameless stranger.

Logan Shayde could use a healthy dose of losing himself, and the Azul Isle is just the place to do it. Grace seems like a nice distraction until, after one explosive argument, she kicks Logan out of her cabana. Logan’s a man who’s used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Grace. Now he’ll do anything for one more night with her.

Every moment leads to another surprise, to another discovery, to another wonder, to another disappointment, and the most unexpected thing of all: the "Oh!" of two lovers' eyes meeting, followed—quickly or slowly, but always—by their bodies.

14 Days of “Ohs!” by Sarah Bella is a perfect blend of BDSM, erotic, and romance. 14 Days of “Ohs!” is full of steamy scenes that are set against the backdrop of a beautiful Caribbean island. 14 Days of “Ohs!” is Logan and Grace’s story. Both have things that they are running from and both may find exactly what they are looking for in each other.

Grace works and lives and works on a Caribbean island. She left home and hasn’t gone back there since. She enjoys her life here and enjoys her job. She gets to meet different people from everywhere and even has a fling or two here and there. She doesn’t have anything permanent and she is fine with that. Hooking up with vacationers is the perfect opportunity for her to get her kicks without having to worry about any strings attached. Then she meets Logan and he drives her nuts in all the right ways. When she begins to form an attachment to him she tries to detach from him, which isn’t working well. When the time comes for him to go home she makes it clear that she is fine with that, but is she really? Will she realize that he is what she has been looking for the whole time? Or will she continue to go about things the way she has been?

Logan needs to get away from his life, from the cameras, from everything. He finds the perfect island getaway to do so. He wasn’t counting on finding Grace there and he wasn’t counting on falling for her. She resists him and he isn’t used to that and he relishes the challenge. He makes it is his mission to sweep her off her feet. When he falls head over heels for her he is afraid that the secret he is hiding will come between them. He isn’t exactly the man he professes to be. What will happen when things come to light? Will he be able to convince her that he never met to deceive her? Or will it be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? When it’s time for him to leave he lets her know that he is willing to give everything up for her, but she isn’t having it. What can he do to convince her that they are meant for one another? He isn’t sure but he will do everything he can to convince her.

I enjoyed 14 Days of “Ohs!” and I would read more books by Sarah Bella. I enjoyed Logan’s character because he was an alpha male that was not used to taking no for answer. I found it kind of comical. I like that he was Grace’s perfect match even if she didn’t realize it herself. I enjoyed the story line as well. It wasn’t just full of cat chases the mouse and finally catches it, but it had substance and a good backstory for the main characters. I visiting the world Sarah Bella created and hope to visit it again sometime. I would recommend 14 Days of “Ohs!” to anyone who enjoys erotic BDSM romances.

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