Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We like R. Greco - we really do: he's smart, funny, out-there and so much more ... and this brand new book, Dating While Intexicated is pure, wild, R. Greco.  You'll laugh, you'll think, you'll have a good time. and much more!

Controversial, insightful, aggravating, humorous, and always thought provoking, here are over three dozen essays and opinions on sexuality in the world today from the outrageous mind of the editor-in-chief of Von Gutenberg, the world's premier fetish magazine, and the creator of the hit blog SexFiles.

Here is what the author says about the book: "Sex in our modern age is faced with an ever-changing technological landscape, the shifting roles of men and women, what our genders are worth in modern day society, and the gnat-like attention span of Xbox-atrophied brains. I'm constantly amazed and often write about how any one of us gets up off the couch long enough to see his or her way clear to a good old fashioned orgasm these days, with or without a partner. In the essays collected here, I've attempted to offer glimpses into what I feel is happening around us presently in the slippery slope-ism of our modern sexual/relating/dating/ landscape."

Included in this one-of-a-kind book are:
Facebook: Our New Social Disease
It's Cool, But Will the iPhone 5 Get You Nookie?
Interview with Violet Ivy
Making Sex High-Tech with the Realtouch
Sex Addiction: Menace or Myth?
Pope & Condoms
Green Dating
What, No Kink?
How Oral Sex is Like Gambling in a Casino
Online Love & the Online Dom
Dating While Intexticated
Sex Shenanigi from Around the Globe
Teetbagging and All That Jazz
Breaking-Up is So Hard to Do
All Hail the Modern Day Munch and How Munch it Means Anything Munch at All
Do Avatars Dream of Synthetic Dildos?
A Judicious Slit Up the Back of a Modestly Tight A-Line Skirt
In Defense of a Full Panty
...And two dozen more essays guaranteed to arouse ire and cogitation.

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