Tuesday, November 26, 2013


We like R. Greco - we really do: he's smart, funny, out-there and so much more ... and this brand new book, Dating While Intexicated is pure, wild, R. Greco.  You'll laugh, you'll think, you'll have a good time. and much more!

Controversial, insightful, aggravating, humorous, and always thought provoking, here are over three dozen essays and opinions on sexuality in the world today from the outrageous mind of the editor-in-chief of Von Gutenberg, the world's premier fetish magazine, and the creator of the hit blog SexFiles.

Here is what the author says about the book: "Sex in our modern age is faced with an ever-changing technological landscape, the shifting roles of men and women, what our genders are worth in modern day society, and the gnat-like attention span of Xbox-atrophied brains. I'm constantly amazed and often write about how any one of us gets up off the couch long enough to see his or her way clear to a good old fashioned orgasm these days, with or without a partner. In the essays collected here, I've attempted to offer glimpses into what I feel is happening around us presently in the slippery slope-ism of our modern sexual/relating/dating/ landscape."

Included in this one-of-a-kind book are:
Facebook: Our New Social Disease
It's Cool, But Will the iPhone 5 Get You Nookie?
Interview with Violet Ivy
Making Sex High-Tech with the Realtouch
Sex Addiction: Menace or Myth?
Pope & Condoms
Green Dating
What, No Kink?
How Oral Sex is Like Gambling in a Casino
Online Love & the Online Dom
Dating While Intexticated
Sex Shenanigi from Around the Globe
Teetbagging and All That Jazz
Breaking-Up is So Hard to Do
All Hail the Modern Day Munch and How Munch it Means Anything Munch at All
Do Avatars Dream of Synthetic Dildos?
A Judicious Slit Up the Back of a Modestly Tight A-Line Skirt
In Defense of a Full Panty
...And two dozen more essays guaranteed to arouse ire and cogitation.

Out Now: GANGSTER MOLL by Powerone

We are extremely pleased and proud to announce a new BDSM treasure by our best-selling author, Powerone.  Gangster Moll has everything you could ever want in a BDSM book - and so much more!

The roaring twenties were the era of the gangster, the public infatuated with the bad boys of crime. What might have been loathed by the public was glorified, instead, by the press.

Gangster Moll is the story of one gang who plagued Oklahoma, robbing the banks in brazen style. But this gang was slightly different than some: the erotic excitement of bondage brought them more pleasure than the loot that piled up. The men were daring and dangerous, drawing unsuspecting women into a life they never thought existed—and should have stayed away from.

The gang expanded and victims became criminals, the women growing as ruthless as the men. They sought out the high life and the pleasures promised by their ill-gotten loot. Would the gun molls follow them to the end, or would they betray the men? The law was just beginning to come to grips with the gangsters, but many lawmen were as bad as the men and women they sought, willing to do anything to capture them. The victims of the gangsters became victims again of the lawman.

Originally published in a much shorter length for limited circulation, this enhanced and expanded edition of Gangster Moll is much longer and features characters and plot lines not found in the earlier edition. This is a bawdy tale of tough guys and bondage that only Powerone could bring to life in such intimate detail.

Out Now: LEARNING THE ROPES [Shell Game, vol. 1] by J.J. Rose

Here's a real treat for fans of smokin' hot BDSM erotica - a brand new book by J.J. Rose.  Pick up Learning The Ropes (the first book in the Shell Game series) and you won't be disappointed!

Sarah belongs to Michael. She submits to him, both in the bedroom and out. For five years, she's shared his life.
But it wasn't always as easy as it looks. Once upon a time, Sarah Horowitz was a college freshman in Michael Shell's English class. Once upon a time, she was dreaming about her professor spanking her bare bottom. They were just harmless fantasies; they'd never come true.
Until they did. Until her twenty-first birthday. Until the first time she got spanked for real.
How did an eighteen-year-old college student turn into a twenty-six-year-old full-time submissive living with her former professor, helping to guide his college-age daughter, and navigating the tricky waters of her lover's often-capricious family?
Learning the ropes wasn't easy. It took her a long time to get it right. And Sarah made more than her share of mistakes along the way. But love finds us in the most unexpected places, and if loving Michael means that sometimes Sarah has finds herself over his knee, then she's willing to learn those lessons, too.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sizzling Hot Books Likes 14 Days of “Ohs!” by Sarah Bella

This is totally excellent: check out this great review from Sizzling Hot Books for Sarah Bella's new book, 14 Days of “Ohs!” 

Their love led to two weeks of "Oh!"s. Some were good, some were bad, and some were all about the sex.

Three years ago, Grace Stevens packed up, left home and hasn’t looked back since. Now she gives snorkeling tours at an exclusive resort on a private island in the Caribbean, filling her days with fun and sun—and her bed with the occasional nameless stranger.

Logan Shayde could use a healthy dose of losing himself, and the Azul Isle is just the place to do it. Grace seems like a nice distraction until, after one explosive argument, she kicks Logan out of her cabana. Logan’s a man who’s used to getting what he wants, and what he wants is Grace. Now he’ll do anything for one more night with her.

Every moment leads to another surprise, to another discovery, to another wonder, to another disappointment, and the most unexpected thing of all: the "Oh!" of two lovers' eyes meeting, followed—quickly or slowly, but always—by their bodies.

14 Days of “Ohs!” by Sarah Bella is a perfect blend of BDSM, erotic, and romance. 14 Days of “Ohs!” is full of steamy scenes that are set against the backdrop of a beautiful Caribbean island. 14 Days of “Ohs!” is Logan and Grace’s story. Both have things that they are running from and both may find exactly what they are looking for in each other.

Grace works and lives and works on a Caribbean island. She left home and hasn’t gone back there since. She enjoys her life here and enjoys her job. She gets to meet different people from everywhere and even has a fling or two here and there. She doesn’t have anything permanent and she is fine with that. Hooking up with vacationers is the perfect opportunity for her to get her kicks without having to worry about any strings attached. Then she meets Logan and he drives her nuts in all the right ways. When she begins to form an attachment to him she tries to detach from him, which isn’t working well. When the time comes for him to go home she makes it clear that she is fine with that, but is she really? Will she realize that he is what she has been looking for the whole time? Or will she continue to go about things the way she has been?

Logan needs to get away from his life, from the cameras, from everything. He finds the perfect island getaway to do so. He wasn’t counting on finding Grace there and he wasn’t counting on falling for her. She resists him and he isn’t used to that and he relishes the challenge. He makes it is his mission to sweep her off her feet. When he falls head over heels for her he is afraid that the secret he is hiding will come between them. He isn’t exactly the man he professes to be. What will happen when things come to light? Will he be able to convince her that he never met to deceive her? Or will it be the straw that breaks the camel’s back? When it’s time for him to leave he lets her know that he is willing to give everything up for her, but she isn’t having it. What can he do to convince her that they are meant for one another? He isn’t sure but he will do everything he can to convince her.

I enjoyed 14 Days of “Ohs!” and I would read more books by Sarah Bella. I enjoyed Logan’s character because he was an alpha male that was not used to taking no for answer. I found it kind of comical. I like that he was Grace’s perfect match even if she didn’t realize it herself. I enjoyed the story line as well. It wasn’t just full of cat chases the mouse and finally catches it, but it had substance and a good backstory for the main characters. I visiting the world Sarah Bella created and hope to visit it again sometime. I would recommend 14 Days of “Ohs!” to anyone who enjoys erotic BDSM romances.

Monday, November 4, 2013

BDSM Reviews Likes Pass or Play by Lani Rhea

Check out this excellent review of Pass Or Play [The Ark Hotel Series, #3] by Lani Rhea by the great folks at BDSM Book Reviews:

She was his last resort, and he was her greatest challenge yet...
Amparo Maddox lives out of suitcases. One job to the next, she never catches a break. She works with the wealthy, and frowns upon macho men. Her next case, however … superstar football player, Shawn “Shazam” Cole, hounded by a stalker who sends white roses. Every male bodyguard he’d hired failed their missions to stop the white roses from arriving. Then he caught wind of Amparo. That she was the best that had ever been.
He hires her at once. Instead of dodging the pursuer, Amparo makes it a point to place the target on her back. Every opportunity for public displays of affection at functions all around town, she drags Shawn along. The white roses keep appearing. It’s now time to throw a wrench in the plans. The Ark Hotel, where every sexual fantasy is met, appears as a useful site for their next plan – but it might prove to be more than that. Now they'll have to decide whether to Pass or Play their increasing sexual attraction to one another.

Story Rating: 5 out of 5 paddles
Sting Factor (kink): 4 out of 5
Amparo is a security expert with no real ties. She goes from assignment to assignment almost back to back. Her latest assignment is football player, Shawn that has picked up a stalker.
I loved this story, and having read the first two books in The Ark Hotel series, it fits right in. However, in this case the Ark is actually a backdrop to a lot of the drama and suspense toward the end.
I do have to say that it was fairly easy to figure out who the stalker was, but how she was getting through some of the security issues, was interesting, though I did wonder about one point considering some of the procedures the Ark has.
The chemistry between Amparo and Shawn is extremely hot, and the author did a good job stretching out the tension between them in the story. I had to laugh at a few of their interactions as they went about their day. The scene when Amparo first meets Shawn if absolutely fantastic and Ms. Rhea got the procedures perfectly done.
If readers haven’t read the whole series, I encourage them to do so. I do think this was the best story of the three.