Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Out Now: IN CONTROL by M.Christian

We like M.Christian ... oh yes, we do: witty, sexy, smart, hot, evocative, and steamy - he's proven himself time-and-again to be a master of erotica.  And here, in his newest collection, he shows just how good he can be at writing BDSM stories.  Male dom, female dom, male sub, female sub - and more!  In Control will not diappoint!

Not merely kinkier than you think, but kinkier than you can think!
"M.Christian’s fiction has a sexy logic all its own. He’s inventive and he’s irreverent. His language can seduce, surprise, and body-slam you." —Cecilia Tan
From M.Christian—the acclaimed ... and rather notorious writer of such books as The Bachelor Machine and Dirty Words—comes this brand new collection of his BDSM shorts, kinky hetero erotica and a handful of other delightfully twisted stories. In these pages you'll find hardcore male doms and luscious female subs, tough-as-nails Lady doms and obedient male submissives, plus a wide variety of other incredible fetishes and sexual adventures. In this very fun—and very, very hot book—you'll also discover the lesbian vamps of "The Curse," the heartstring-tugging erotic romance of "The Waters Of Biscayne Bay," the sexy ghost story "The Tinkling Of Tiny Silver Bells," the bisexual heat in "Watercolors" and many, many more!
"M.Christian is one of the finest living writers of erotica. Between these covers is a wealth of imaginative, well-crafted, smoothly written fiction that sings with joy. It's yummy." —Patrick Califia

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