Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Out Now: THE ESTATE by J. Paulette Forshey

Here's a real - and very hot - treat for fans of erotic romance: a new release by the excellent J. Paulette Forshey.  The Estate has everything for folks who like their romance with some steamy sex - and some steamy sex with their romance!

Night after night Cuilean Kelley's dreams are haunted by an exotic woman, leaving him alone each morning in sweat-soaked sheets.
When he travels to a tiny parish outside of Savanna hoping to find a rare set of books, he not only unearths the tomes, but discovers that the woman of his dreams is real. Cuilean must use all his knowledge to free her from a spectral prison guarded by an ancient lost civilization. The key to her rescue is in the rare books located in a ghostly southern estate.
"A very satisfying short novel." —Sandra Scholes

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