Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Out Now: A DANGEROUS MOON: More Tales of the Werewolf Clan By Sabrina Luna

Sizzler Editions is extremely pleased and proud to announce a brand new book my the wonderful Sabrina Luna.  A Dangerous Moon shows just how excellent Sabrina can be as she spins a tale of werewolves and paranormal romance as only she can!

"The pace is fast and the love scenes are passionate and varied." —Romantic Times Book Reviews

When wolf-shifter Rick McShaw returns to Heather Grove, he finds himself on the wrong end of a knuckle sandwich. But when he comes to, he's pleasantly surprised to find his ex-girlfriend, Doctor Allison Browne, the clan healer, taking care of him—and there's still a strong spark of attraction between them!

Allison's got a home, a garden and a busy career, but when her ex winds up at her urgent care center, she finds herself attracted to the alpha-male wolf who broke her heart. And now, as the full moon approaches, the feelings between them start getting hot and heavy again! Meanwhile, a rogue wolf is on the loose in Heather Grove and looking for Allison...

This is going to be one dangerous and sexy moon for sure!

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