Monday, September 30, 2013

Out Now: BRUSHES by M. Christian

We like M.Christian - and not just because he's done so much with us - and you're sure to like this new release from the acclaimed erotic author: a tale of romance, passion and art.  Brushes is a tale that sure to stay with you - in your heart as well as other places - for a long, long time!

"We can never know how lives will intertwine; the mystery of it is one of the hidden joys of life. M.Christian has captured perfectly the symmetry and surprise of lives that mesh together—whether the people living them like it or not. …a gorgeous tapestry of words."
—Gwen Masters, author, One Breath at a Time
To most of the world he's a genius, a master of color, form and shape, a brilliant talent who stormed the art world and shook its pillars with his talent. But some, including his wife Constance, see him as undeserving of his fame. Others see him as arrogant, and a few even see him as a fraud. Ultimately, Escobar is misunderstood. Lost and alone, he longs for the simple life he once shared with Constance before he allowed his lust for talent and success to come between them, He wants her back desperately but doesn't know how to put his feelings into words. Is it possible for him to reach out to her with the most powerful language he knows—the very art that came between them—and reconnect with Constance before it's too late?
"A multi-layered treat for the mind and the senses. M.Christian transports us to glittering Paris where we follow the adventures of… an acclaimed artist … his muses … and desperate wannabes. As their lives brush up against each his, serendipitously, inevitably, all experience a compelling sexual encounter that changes their lives forever. A deliciously sexy tale of mystery for anyone who’s intrigued by the power of the creative—and the erotic—spirit." —Donna George Storey, author, An Amorous Woman
Brushes is a romantic, erotically charged portrait of a master artist, a stroke-by-stroke look at a man who lost his love and made a last reckless gamble to win her back. It is also the story of the sexual and romantic currents that run through the lives of the people around him—his manager, his model, his brother and others—who all played a role in his breakup with Constance, and play a continuing role in in keeping them apart.
"Great erotica set in a romantic setting. A multi-layered look at love, Paris and the world of art. The intriguing characters and the way they come in and out of each other's lives is handled brilliantly. All is not always what it seems to be and surprises lurk and wait. This is a gorgeous book to be savored." —Amos Lassen
"Compelling, masterful, complex, fascinating..." —Nobilis, author, Metharmea's Journey

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