Saturday, September 21, 2013

I Am, and Write about, Times Square Queer by Two Time Lambda Award Winner Mykola Dementiuk

You should know that my books revolve around male/male relationships and in the Times Square area there was plenty of that. On those streets I came of age, and though it’s greatly changed and altered, the memory of the Times Square streets, or The Deuce as I’ve heard it called back then, draws me back in time to which I heedlessly follow in my mind over and over again. Because the mind is a great erotic fulfiller; you can imprison a man behind wall but never his mind, which will remain free to act as he wants, just look at the Marquis de Sade as a perfect example.

Sizzler Editions is one of my publishers. They have released some works of mine in e-books and some in paperbacks. I was thrilled when my Sizzler book “Times Square Queer” was nominated for the Bisexual Book Award last year, and though I didn’t win the enthusiasm still was there. It’s a thrill when I think that the book is available in the few remaining bookstores across this country. The book is a collection of my short works over time as I remember Times Square and the skuzzy movie theaters of the area; I imagine I’ve been to every single one over time.

My other Sizzler Editions are “Stallers,” another Times Square book, “On the Prowl,” “Times Square Cutie,” and “Minnesota Strip,” one of my favorites, looking over Times Square in the 1970s when it was known as the Minnesota Strip for some foolish stupid police reason which they assumed the girls/guys runaways were coming from. I also have two new books being put out by Sizzler after another press reneged on the deal with me, “The Men of Grand Street,” and “Bathroom Trysts,” which I like very much. And very soon Sizzler will bring out my latest, “The 42nd Street Jerk-off Club,” which I’m very enthused about.  

I also have various books, twenty plus novels/novellas with other publishers. You can see my books from Sizzler Editions or my other e- books in or my literary paperbacks in (on left side of the screen)
Mick Mykola Dementiuk
Two Time Lambda Award Winner


  1. Congratulations, MIck. It seems that you and Sizzler Editions are a match made in heaven.

    Dorien (Grey, that is)

  2. Mick Mykola Dementiuk! I love that name. It stands for true artistic representation of a place and time gone by yet captured beautifully for all time by Mick. I loved New Orleans and my cruise grounds were there, and I grew up and was a young man, and even an old man in the French Quarter, so I know how a region or place can become your core in a way. I've never read anybody like Mick Mykola Dementiuk since Rechy himself who can tell the stories of our lives on the street the way Mick can. I adore his work. I am honored to be counted among his friends and admirers. I can only say to up and coming writer's and other gay activists and writers (prose or poetry) that they need to read all of Dementiuk if they want to know what our roots were really like. If you wanted to know the roots of a religion like perhaps catholicism you'd do no better than study the works and lives of the Carthusian monks, but in the realm of the homosexual emergence into a people and a "gay nation" the roots and the basis of it all was done by the "foot soldiers" the guys whose boots were on the ground of the new frontier of gayness--like Mick Mykola Dementiuk. He was and is a pioneer in gay liberation and sexual liberation. I also have to say he is a fine artist, a great writer, a better story teller, and his ability to portray the myriad feelings, emotions, and colors of our early gay origins is fabulous. Hooray Mick! I love you through your writings and believe others who will read your work will find that they not only grow from reading it but that they too will find in you a love, an archetypal guy, a leader of our movement. I salute you, and I hope to do even a little of what you do, for I would love to think my work would be added to the sum total of our canon and together we raise the awareness of our race!