Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Out Now: PROTECTIVE INSTINCTS by Mary Marvella

Here's a very special read for fans of erotic romance - a special new release by Mary Marvella!  Protective Instincts is sure to be a hit for everyone who likes their adventurous, sensual stories with more than a hint of the paranormal!

He had a premonition that she was in peril; that's why they met—but you'll never believe why they fell in love.

After mourning the loss of her husband, Brit Roberts managed to pick up her life and move on, working as a teacher for a rural Georgia high school. Things were moving along fine until a string of anonymous phone calls turned creepy, then even creepier until Brit knew that her life was in danger.
It's not until Sam Samuels shows up to check on her that she finds a little peace, and possibly a slight attraction to the handsome-yet-meddling security specialist. Sam isn't just the father of one of Ms. Robert's students, he's a man with premonitions so strong they make him ill. So when he meets his son's teacher and a familiar pain kicks in, he knows something's awry even if he can't put his finger on what it is. Fortunately for Brit, he follows his inexplicable instincts all the way to an attempt to rape and kill the teacher, and interrupts it before anything can happen. From that point forward, Sam makes it his personal goal to protect her—only he didn't count on falling for her.

Someone wants Brit, and now Sam, dead, and neither of them knows why. Could the death of Brit's husband hold the answer? Can Brit and Sam navigate these threats to her life—and their attraction to one another—despite both of their headstrong natures?

Paranormal romance at its best!

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  1. This book grew through several incarnations, each of which made the bad guy "badder" and Sam and Brit need each other more. Thanks Sascha for believing in this book and in me.