Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Out Now: SUPER BEAST by Lindsey Rae LaVanway

Here's a very special treat for fans of romantic/paranormal/erotica: if you like all three plus some wonderful writing then you won't be disappointed by Lindsey Rae LaVanway's new book, Super Beast!

An enthralling new book of romance, vampires and other things that make life worth living!
Reese Dennings was a happy-go-lucky young woman with plenty of friends and dreams—until she awakened one night in a strange place, and in an even stranger state. She had been turned into one of the undead, and her entire life turned upside down.
Reese was not to be left alone, however. Instead, she was presented to a preternatural world of nightmare creatures like vampires, shapeshifters and werewolves, a world in which she now had to find a place.
Though her heart and mind were a whirlpool of confusion, there were upsides to her bizarre new body and social landscape. Reese found herself discovering new talents and friends nightly, and quickly learned to do countless things others could only fantasize about.
She will soon learn just how necessary those talents and friends are. When Reese is threatened by Giapetto, a master vampire with a thirst for world apocalypse, it’s up to a band of demonic beings to defend her—and the fate of the entire world.
...And then there is Niko, another man who walks at night and causes Reese to wonder whether one monster could (or should?) fall in love with another.

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