Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Out Now: HER INITIATION by David Jewell

David Jewell is a true master - in every sense of the word - of BDSM, and with this, his newest collection, he proves how to write male dom erotica!  Her Initiation is a must read if your like your BDSM extra-spicy!

A brand new collection of M/f bondage erotica from David Jewell, bestselling author of intense BDSM stories.

David Jewell is the author of over 50 unforgettable maledom/female sub novels and collections including The Puerto Vallarta Submissions, My Wife, My Slave, The Tribe, and Teach Me to Submit—all of which (and more!) you can find on his author page, linked below.

Jewell's newest collection, Her Initiation, contains the title story plus "Soul Mates", "Sold", "Reunion", "Denied", "My Dream Comes True", "Appreciation", and "Addicted". Guaranteed to shock and enthrall!

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