Monday, July 29, 2013

TREASURED INFERNO [The Penhollow Chronicles, Book III] by Christi Riverton

Christi Riverton is a must-read author of really magical fiction - and with, Treasured Inferno, the third volume in her acclaimed Penhollow Chronicles she demonstrates how good she can be!

Ruby Penhollow's life is finally falling into place as she prepares for her upcoming wedding and the birth of her child. Why, then, would she leave the safety of her family in the middle of the night and walk straight into the waiting arms of the very ones hunting her?

Bound by the inadvertent magic binding his soul to Ruby's, Cason Greenwood finds himself helpless to protect her. Will he be able to save her and the child she is carrying without killing them all first? And even if he can save them, what will happen after the birth of the child that may very well be the equivalent of Satan's spawn?

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