Monday, July 29, 2013

Out Now: THE SLAVE QUEEN by Powerone

There is simply no one better at writing hotter-than-hades BDSM fiction that Powerone - and Amazon agrees as they say he's one of their - and our - best-selling authors ... and this, his newest book, will show just how good he is!  Check out The Slave Queen and you won't be disappointed!

The Slave Queen is story of royalty in bondage, an erotic tale set in the 11th century where magic is an everyday occurrence, where the nobility’s sexual perversities have no bounds, and where women are playthings who must submit to the sexual pleasures of men.
On the day of the Royal Wedding, the future Queen Juliana is placed under a spell of illusion by an evil Sorcerer and, instead of marrying the King, she is taken captive. The Sorcerer drags her deep into the Dark Forest in hopes of settling an old score with the King and getting his revenge. Desperate, the King has Merek, a rogue, set out to rescue Juliana. Can he rescue her before the King's enemy takes her innocence – or worse, forces her to pleasure all his men? And if Merek rescues her, will the King's threat of beheading be sufficient motivation for him to keep his own hands off of her, or will her regal beauty overwhelm his restraint?
And then there's a possibility none of them can foresee – that Juliana will find she enjoys captivity and submission, that she's excited beyond imagination by the sensation of rope tightly binding her body. If she is rescued, will she be able to live the life of a queen with an unimaginative king for a lover? Or will she seek out the deep dungeons of the castle to satisfy her new lusts?
First, there was torment in the Amazon Hot New Releases pick, The King’s Dungeon. Now, Powerone, the bestselling novelist of bondage, brings you another tale of submission and subjugation behind the scenes of history in The Slave Queen.

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