Monday, July 29, 2013

Out Now: PERMISSION: A Tale of Female Domination by M. J. Rennie

M. J. Rennie is a truly remarkable writer of really wonderful erotic and BDSM stories and Permission is one of his very, very best ... specially revised with new content ... will amaze you in all kinds of ways!

Expanded, revised edition of this modern romance between a submissive man and a dominant woman! 

Since its paperback success, Permission has become a recommended title on such adult literary web sites as The Erotic Book Society, Planet Eros, Fiction on the Fringe, Femdom Links, The BDSM Bookshelf, and many others.

M. J. Rennie's classic sensual romance, Permission, examines the unconventional relationship between dynamic, dominant Darlene and her eager, submissive husband. From the start, ripe, mature, lovely Darlene shows her young husband how to bring his malleable mind and handsome body into strict conformance with her rigorous physical and emotional standards. Because he worships her so completely, Darlene's husband is willing to make himself the obedient instrument of her pleasure, even surrendering his own until she gives him permission – permission which may or may not be granted.

Is it possible for a husband to keep his dominant wife happy for the rest of their lives together? Can he find ways to please such a passionate, demanding, and remarkable wife as Darlene – or is their marriage too good to last? This delightfully sophisticated love story is written with a graceful, elegant style that raises its explicit adult scenes to literary heights.

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