Monday, July 29, 2013

Out Now: THE COLLECTOR: A Novel of Romantic Bondage by Melissa Harlow

Melissa Harlow is a flat-out brilliant author or erotic - and BDSM - romance author, and The Collector, her newest book, is a true testament to her skill: it's hot and smart and romantic ... and more!

First, Dalton rescued her. Then he kept her captive. Then she fell in love with him.
She had been taken prisoner, tied and ravished before they met. Dalton was a man whose job was to collect debts ... by any means necessary. During a routine collection from a high-spending welsher, he was offered Ava as bribe to buy time to pay the debt.
Ava was relieved that the man could never hurt her again. Her relief would have been tragically misplaced if Dalton had followed through with his plan to turn her over to his boss to be sold off for cold, hard cash. But something about Ava softened Dalton. Instead, he killed the man who kidnapped and used her, and tried to show her that men could be trusted.
Ava doesn’t realize just how much danger she’s getting herself into when she falls in love with him, for Dalton has strange appetites lurking under the surface of his loving demeanor – a love of women in bondage being one of them. Has Ava somehow made the mistake of trusting the wrong man again? Is Dalton really going to be her savior or is he just the ruthless debt collector he was trained to be?

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