Saturday, June 1, 2013

Powerone Novel of B&D in Kindle Top 100 Hottest New Books

The King's Dungeon  by the prolific Powerone is by far our biggest bestseller of the year so far - and after only two weeks on sale!

Read what all the shouting is about. Find out why Amazon chose it as a Kindle Top 100 Hottest new ebooks. Read The King's Dungeon!


The King and his noblemen pursued a life of unbridled lust with those that submitted to their power by choice or for the unfortunate, in the dungeons below the castle where bondage insured their submission. Nothing is forbidden for the privileged, not even the unspeakable taboos of society. “King’s Dungeon” is set in the 11th century where men dominate and woman had no choice but to submit to any and all demands a man could conceive.  King Rulf, after conquering his enemies, returns to take his rightful place on the throne with a wife to bear him many heirs. But there is always time to find his pleasures in the bedrooms of any woman he desires or to satisfy his jaded lust in the dungeons.

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