Friday, June 28, 2013

Out Now: YEAR OF THE OAR [Her Travail, Book I] by Clare Seven

Here's a magnificent treat for fans of romantic BDSM erotica: YEAR OF THE OAR - a brand new release by the always brilliant Clare Seven.

When out-of-work athlete Justine Laing agrees to row on a modern reconstruction of a wooden slave galley – for one million dollars – even the knowledge that she will be naked, chained and forced to work under an overseer's whip can't prepare her for what she will face.
The mysterious man known only as Joshua sees her saved from dire punishment at first, even as he delights in the suffering of the convicts and volunteers around her. Soon, however, she shares their suffering and hard labor amidst the heat and sweat of the rowing deck.
As Justine begins to regret her decision to become a real-life galley slave, she realizes that only her strength, both mental and physical, will be enough to see her through. Yet, part of her – some dark, hidden part – remains enthralled by her year in chains.
Book I of Her Travail.

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