Friday, June 28, 2013

Out Now: TORN TO PIECES by Sascha Illyvich

There is simply no one better at writing erotic romance - especially with a BDSM and paranormal twist - than our very own Sascha Illyvich.  Check out his newest book, TORN TO PIECES, and you will not be disappointed!

"Full of emotion and lust and hot sex." ...that's how The Forbidden Bookshelf describes the romances of Sascha Illyvich.
Iolite is a witch in love with two wolves, wanting and needing both of them to fulfill her – as if they're two halves of the same being.
Jackob and Kerian are former lovers turned enemies by pack law, but without the witch’s solution for the disease ravaging the wolves, both packs will certainly die.
Both want Iolite, both want to love again but are uncertain of the consequences. Can Jackob and Kerian heal their broken hearts, help Iolite heal hers, and save the lives of their packs?

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