Friday, June 28, 2013

Out Now: THIS MUCH FUN CAN’T BE LEGAL - Confessions of a Swinger Wife by Nikki St. James

Here's a huge treat for fans of our bestselling swinger-tales books - a wonderful new release by Nikki St. James: THIS MUCH FUN CAN’T BE LEGAL - Confessions of a Swinger Wife

At last a Swinger wife speaks out. Married to Dax St. James, author of the bestselling report The Swingers, Nikki makes powerful points in her own unique self-confession – and some startling claims, including:

1. A swinger couple's relationship can be greatly enhanced by the sexual adventures, more open communication and bonding that can take place when the couple allows their alter egos to emerge for an evening.
2. All swinger wives are not forced into swinging by their husbands. Some have actually suggested it.
3. Swinging has evolved beyond simple couple swapping. Couples use it as a way of fulfilling all sexual fantasies. Variations might include:  the wife picking up a stranger for the evening; the husband watching his wife go out on a "date"; couples experimenting with polyamorous relationships; sexual bondage scenes involving others. The limits are only as far as your imagination will take you.
4. Swinger wives are the ones who benefit the most. They are given the opportunity for their alter egos to emerge – to freely carry out behavior they would never dream of in their "vanilla" world – and then to resume day-to-day life the next morning.

In addition, Nikki St. James' book shatters a number of harmful myths. Among them:

1. Swinging is not "legalized" cheating. Quite the opposite swingers play together to avoid the humiliation of cheating on their partner.
2. Swinging is not the result of an unhappy marriage. Quite the opposite if a marriage is unhappy swinging will make it worse. It takes a strong committed couple to enter into a swinging relationship. The intent is to strengthen the intimacy and bonds of the marriage by sharing sexual fantasies.
3. Swinger husbands respect their wives. Most people believe swinging shows disrespect for the marriage. Quite to the opposite, your average swinger husband is madly in love with his wife. He simply wants to expand their sexual horizons and explore their sexuality together rather then endanger their marriage by exploring them apart.
4. Swinger wives do not hate the sex in swinging and only do it to keep  their husbands happy. Quite the opposite, once swinger wives realize the dichotomous existence they can experience and that they actually call the shots in the swinging lifestyle they experience a release and sexual freedom that allows them to fulfill their ultimate sexual fantasies  with no penalties or guilt.

Follow one woman's eye-opening journey into the world of swingers and swinging. And don't miss Dax St. James' journalistic trilogy (linked at the bottom of this page) exploring the world of The Swingers.

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