Friday, June 7, 2013

Out Now: PASS OR PLAY [The Ark Hotel Series, #3] by Lani Rhea

Here's a real treat for fans of excellently-written BDSM erotica!  Pick up Pass Or Play [The Ark Hotel Series, #3] by Lani Rhea and you will not be disappointed!

She was his last resort, and he was her greatest challenge yet...
Amparo Maddox lives out of suitcases. One job to the next, she never catches a break. She works with the wealthy, and frowns upon macho men. Her next case, however … superstar football player, Shawn “Shazam” Cole, hounded by a stalker who sends white roses. Every male bodyguard he’d hired failed their missions to stop the white roses from arriving. Then he caught wind of Amparo. That she was the best that had ever been.
He hires her at once. Instead of dodging the pursuer, Amparo makes it a point to place the target on her back. Every opportunity for public displays of affection at functions all around town, she drags Shawn along. The white roses keep appearing. It’s now time to throw a wrench in the plans. The Ark Hotel, where every sexual fantasy is met, appears as a useful site for their next plan – but it might prove to be more than that. Now they'll have to decide whether to Pass or Play their increasing sexual attraction to one another.

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