Friday, June 7, 2013

Out Now: A HAPPY FINISH by Lukas Scott

There is simply no one better at writing hotter-than-hot queer erotica than the wonderful Lukas Scott - and this, his new collection - A Happy Finish - proves just how good he can be!

A dozen hot tales of man-on-man action by the author of the classic Hot on the Trail. Here is how Lukas Scott describes these stories:

"The trick is to write something fantastic and believable – that might just happen. The sexy teacher might well be gay, the nurse might just give you one at the hospital, the horny soldier might just miss his missus and shoot his load... you get the drift.

"Erotica is about possibilities and imagination – anything can happen anywhere because, let's be honest, we get hard-ons everywhere: weddings (mmm ... the best man), shopping (mmm ... bankers), taking the dog for a walk (mmm ... joggers), dropping the car off at the garage (mmm ... mechanics)."

Among the featured stories are: Scar, A Ring on His Finger, The Builder's Crack, There's More to Love (Than Boy Fucks Girl), Buttcam, Chasing the Egg, The Butcher's Boy, and A Happy Finish.

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