Friday, June 28, 2013

Out Now: CHARADE by Sabrina Luna

Sabrina Luna is simply ... well, you will be shocked at how brilliant a writer she can be - especially when she's writing BDSM erotica.  In her newest book, CHARADE, she's amaze - and arouse - you to no end!

When Dixie meets wealthy businessman Mitchell Wilcox, he makes her an extraordinary offer – one she doesn't want to refuse.

When she gazes into his eyes, she realizes Mitchell is something special…and that all her sexual fantasies will be fulfilled. Through mutual agreement, Dixie becomes the sexual protege of a gentle, but firm, dominant. Under his loving guidance, Dixie explores the boundaries of her sexual fantasies and her most intimate desires. The longer they are together, the deeper she falls in love.

What Dixie doesn't know is that Mitchell has an agenda. A charade is being played; he is concealing a secret – one that will shock and thrill her to the core.

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