Monday, May 6, 2013

Win a Free Paperback - Give Us Your Opinion

Your opinion can win you a free erotic paperback.

Two weeks ago we debuted our new main/portal/landing/front page at the Sizzler Editions site. (What is in a name, after all. We have heard this page called many different things over the years.)

It has a slide show featuring new books and re-releases. We all think it is a great improvement from our previous landing page.

But we had a heated debate here at the Sizzler offices over exactly how the slide show featuring our newest books should work.

Currently, if you visit the page you will see a slide featuring a new book with a big > on the right.

To see the next book, you click the > on the right.

Some of our staff liked this arrangement. Others voted for an automated slide show, where a new slide appeared every few seconds automatically.

Which do you prefer?


Then leave a comment on this blog telling us which kind of slide show you like best. 

1) A static slide show, where you control when the image changes?

2) An automated slide show, where the slides change on their own.

At the end of the month, we will enter your email address in a random drawing.

The winner gets their choice from a selection of our paperbacks.


  1. Hey folks,
    I like to dom my slide shows. I want to control them, make them move the way I want them to move, when I want them to move. When I say "slide" I want them to say, "how fast?" Yep, I like 'em static and not automatic. But that's just me...

  2. I like automatic slide shows. The viewer can usually decide the pace and pause these if they are interested.

  3. Slide shows for me too.

  4. I like the slide show idea, I just want to control it. I want to be able to pause it, stop it, and look further if I choose.

  5. I like a slide show I can control. The slide to the right is good. :)

    Excellent site updates!

    Erzabetwrites at gmail dot com

  6. I prefer a slide show that I can control in case I want to linger on a particular picture.

  7. I prefer a slide show that I can control. Many times the images go to quickly and I must wait for the ones that I want to roll through again and again.

    meingee @yahoo. com

  8. I prefer to be able to control a slideshow. I can look at the items in my own time.

    Love the new site.

  9. I want the ability to linger on a slide or shuffle through them quickly. I am dominant, so yes, I want to control my slide show viewing, too.

    I vote "Static slide show"

  10. I like to be able to control the pace of the show. (to the right is fine)