Sunday, May 12, 2013

Out Now: CORBIN’S CAPTIVE [Galactic Breeders Series] by Emma Paul

Here's a masterful new series by a brillaint erotica writer that is all-but guaranteed to not just stir your imagination but your erotic fantasies as well!  But up Corbin's Captive by Emma Paul and you will not be disappointed!

On Corbin's world, men rule women -- women who are their breeders and slaves for life.
During a trip off-planet, a chance encounter brings Corbin face to face with Princess Yani, a beautiful woman who calls to him in a way he cannot understand. Yani hates her life, and the man she is about to marry for the sake of politics. Fleeing her nuptial feast, Yani runs straight into one of the planet's lowest dives, a place where where sex and sensuality run rampant among the clientele. It is here that she meets Corbin, and between the heady, overwhelmingly physical atmosphere of the bar and their inexplicable attraction to one another, their lives may change forever.
One night of eternal bliss, a night in which Corbin takes complete possession of her, seems to offer Yani a longed-for escape from her marriage -- until she learns Corbin's deepest secrets and needs. Can the Corbin and Yani find love together, or will Fate doom each of them to a dull, lonely existence?

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