Monday, May 27, 2013

Kindle Give-Away! Lani Rhea And JP Archer's Before The Dawn [Ark Hotel Series #1]

Here's a chance to pick up Lani Rhea And JP Archer's Before The Dawn [Ark Hotel Series #1] absolutely FREE for Kindle: as part of a special promotion you can get this gloriously sexy ebook for free from May 31st to three days after.

Constant predictions of doomsday inspire many to take a spin on the Wheel of Pleasure at the risque Ark Hotel. Running away from an abusive relationship, Angie Perkins, never suspected her life would change by a chance encounter. Noah Hawthorne, part owner and CEO of The Ark Hotel, which provides services for those with a taste for bondage and discipline, runs into Angie in in a small town diner. Something about her makes Noah think that fate has served up his true love. But when Angie learns about his lifestyle, she is repulsed and lets him know she despises him, The Ark Hotel, and what she considers the freaks who engage in bdsm. Once he learns of Angie's fears, Noah decides to show her a little bondage can be an enhancement if true trust is given freely.

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